Education in Canad: features of the system osti


One s golovnih of osoblivosti system osti, Canada - TSE vastly Diego for us country coordinating center scho dozvola cogni s province separatist it. navchannya. For example, in Quebec unversiteta not primaute on navchannya students molodsha 18 years, and VSI INSHI provinz dozvolyayut scitica s 17-ronago VCU. Also, vascular WUSV t Chi Ho provinc Mauger, vedavati regonline type of the document about higher education, yaky bude visavadia, basically, in Dani provinz. Domount, canadi Ter gra his role in mayzhe in cogni provic can znati University or College, UC s englishmovies, so I s francescotawny navchannya. However it is worth remembering, scho mova main Francuska , tilki provinz in Quebec, and takozh Mauger the way in nagod in provinz new Brunswik, Yak itsuno domowina. Zhiteli NSA Regioniv, Canada corestauti angliskoy movoyu for povsyakdennogo spilkuvannya, ottimati in Canad in higher education in navchalna zakladiv mozhna tilki on englishiyskyy movi. More details about higher education in Canad read .


Serednya Osvita - school

Children in Canad pochinayut scitica s 5-6 years. Hamadani, Canada mozhut, otrymaty Yak bezkoshtovno seredny higher education, so I scitica in private schools, de learning to pass for money. Such SQL in Canad wanono nebagato, they navchayutsya not bilshe 10 % from usih scholars of the country. Bezkoshtovne school mozhut Buti gromadskii, de lads I Ducati to uchatsa time, ABO, for example, katolickie, de prineto rozdolne navchannya.

Notamn scholar mozhut scitica Yak in private, so I reigning in schools, but wherein, in most cases, all one povinn platiti for navchannya. And Padalka, plaskin her education paid for gromadyan Yak country, so I for nozems.

Vartist navchannya in kanadski mid skol for nozems becoming about 14,000 - 15,000 kanadskih dollars per year in Academy reigning skol I in Serenoa kanadskih 23,000 dollars per year in private Academy scol.


Post-Secondary, including, I Vyscha Osvita in Kolej

Learning in colleges vibira duzhe bagato canadz I students s NSIH countries. Vartist navchannya in College duzhe nevicata for gromadyan I posting italv country I clcom available for inozemnih students. Kanadskom Universiteti navchannya costo usually digit Dorogoe. Blissthe of molodih people pochinayut zdobuttya visa osti sama s College, after dvorce programs include in Kolej PereVesti in University, I otrymaty stupni bachelor Canad - typical on the right. In resultat student Atria unversites higher education, vartist ako bude nabagato Dashevsky. How vdmt osoblivosti kolegu - proponowane them education, nazino, primarily, on Practico chotoku, not however knowledge. Ti, hto Hoca bootie maximum chotoviny to rinku Pratsi, vibiraut navchannya in Kolej, navti not camillucci.

Hoch Kolej RDCO give [stupni, lately z awlasa all more prikladnih bakalarski osut programs. At that hour, Yak in unversiteta propanoate, basically, stupni "Bachelor of science" (Bachelor of Arts), kanadskih almost mozhna tilki soustrot Priklad programs include, for example:

  • "the Bachelor prikladnih Sciences (Bacelor of Applied Science);
  • "Bachelor of applied to a b_znes "(Bachelor of Applied Business);
  • " Bakalavr computer'yuternyh Sciences "(Bachelor of Computer Science).

So, if you don't you better scho vibrate - learning in Kolej Chi Universiteti, think about obrany FAH. Yakscho VIN Academy scho propuska holding dozen I car ru in nauc ABO biclatan, then proceed to University. Yakscho vie W want otrymaty prikladno prophesy I don't sbiraetsya POV asuvate life s science smilevo vibiraem navchannya in Kolej.

Kanadski Kolej proponuyut baslc specialties, Sered yakih osut programs include s management banesa, ngenera, comp utern specalist RSNA napramku, pharmaceuticals, medsestrichka right, buhgalterskij oblik, RSN ViDi design, hotelny management I. tourism, jurnalistika, marketing and advertising.

Besides the practical of systematic approach on zanatah, baslc programs pripuskayut in process navchannya propoganda starovinna. After this dosub students nabagato lain lastovica on the robot, so Yak TSE daє m not only row in the summary, but I recomendat, yaki yea one s navalesi factors when Priam on the robot in Canad.

Also in there is the toll-Canad taqiy is a type of educational institution University of the Yak unversitetskaya College (University College). Tak Kolej in Canad usually give higher education practice spraymount, ale on unversites bas.

z Ukrainy Students mozhut pasinati navchannya in kanadskom Kolej vdras well after producing the certificate about povna zagalnu seredny higher education for NavNet uspsa building movnogo test - TOEFL or IELTS. Some programs include the learning mozhut wisowaty dodatkow requirements, for example palmoviy test Chi portfolio.

Vartist navchannya in kanadskom Kolej for inozemnih students - from 8,000 to 18,000 kanadskih dollars for academny year. Trevally program learning - from 1 to 4 years.


highest education at Universiteti

Canad a 100 unversiteta, that lead their story sche s 1663 rock. I naivas Sami dorog them restalaan province in Ontario, Quebec and Britannica Colombia.

Unversites education in Canad help our defenders for the system of systematic approach is similar to britansku, ale Navalny process vkluchi yourself many American training event elements I pahodu. Naukow stupen previoulsy respectively to klasicno tristainia grades: Bachelor (4 rocky), master (1 -2 p). the doctorate (1-3 rocky). Students, Sami sobi skladate Navalny plan mauchi mozliwosci storage for the first I hours to take.

vdmo from britanskogo Uryadov, kanadskiy - vkladu nabagato more fancv have rozvytok their kolegu I unversiteta. Karadzic wish nachaln of Zaklady francouise power at 90 %, while the digit part of the sovereign podatku, yaky splashout of gromadyan country, yde same at rozvytok osti in the country. So, STA clear scho education in Canad yea one s navalesi napramku for Uryadov the country. The result of CIR ukladeni in nayavnost: blesst kanadskih Unversity toil obladnannya vidago class scho dozvola, provoditi dozen I rozrobka swetoha rune.

Through those scho proud unversiteta country zimulti wish posits in swova ratings using the same quality provedenich dozen, requirements to abcourt first competition duzhe visok. Dwellers, stupity in blissthe them, it sancity school s high oncam, I state test z Anglicka movi to a higher Bal - 95-100 points in TOEFL I 7.0-7.5 points in IELTS. In addition, Mauger snadobica vikonati the Mac of dodatkowych vimoh - from rekomendatsii I motivating list to portfolio I of dodatkowych vstupnich spitv.

Learning in Canad in Varto Universiteti for inozemnih students - from 15,000 to 40,000 dollars for kanadskih academny year (according to the program's vartist navchannya Mauger, dogoditi I kanadskih up to 60,000 dollars for academny year.)


Poslediplomnoe education

Tn s najpopularniji program Sered nazemnyh students - TSE playplan osut programs include (Postgraduate program) in kanadskih the colleges, scho Yak dozvolyayut produziti of higher education for the main FAH, so I radically Smythe prophesy.

For quiet, hto trimas stupni of the bachelor in Canad her two Waranty of produziti navchannya: out in mastromoro, ABO on poslediplomnoe program. The difference mizh them so well, Yak mizh , a College unversiteta: mastromoro peredacha napisanna Desertec I holding Dolce and poslediplomnoe programa daє practice knowledge I navicki for bezposredniego zastosuvannya in robot. Besides, mastromoro not peredacha smo specalist and playplan programs include the colleges often give Taku mozliwosci.

If you don't mnate specalist, yduchi for Post Graduate Program and predujuce their higher education for as otemanu specalist, programa dopomozhe you know specifc kanadskogo rinku Pratsi for obrana spherical I Pogrebite vzhe navn knowledge. Such programs include family toil to dosit muziku speculate I duzhe tension.

Learning in Canad on poslediplomnogo programs in Serenoa costout for inozemnih students - 13,000 dollars for academny year. Trevally navchannya - from 1 to 2 years.

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