3 main stages of writing a diploma


the Thesis is the final qualifying work of the scientific and methodical character. In its content it should correspond to modern level of development of science and the essence of a scientific problem. A thesis must be submitted in a way that allows you to assess how well reflected and justified in her position, conclusions and recommendations, their theoretical novelty and practical significance. By the way, if you do not have time for independent writing diploma, then you can order a thesis in "".


Stages of the thesis


Choose themes

the choice of the topic of the thesis should not be random. The student has for writing term papers and bachelor's work must be determined in their scientific interests, in which he would like to work on. The subject of theses developing producing Department, said at the meeting and endorses the Board of the Institute (faculty). However, the student has the right not only of the theme selection from the Department list, but also the opportunity to offer their theme with a necessary substantiation of expediency of its development, for example, to explore further, deepen and develop in the context of the problems of higher education the theme of his undergraduate work.


work Scheduling

After approval of the topic to the appropriate Department, it is advisable to plan time to work on it. Deadlines the student is to decide, given the specific conditions of their individual characteristics, time, however, there is one requirement: the thesis must be submitted within the period determined by the curricula and set by the Department (pre-defense) and the University/faculty (defense of the thesis before the state examination Commission).


Development research unit studies

a Scientific unit of the thesis (the relevance of the topic, object and subject of study, its purpose, and hypothesis, objectives of research, research methods etc.) is defined in the admission.

the relevance of the chosen topic is its scientific and practical value, that is, the realization that the new will give this work to science, where you do or part to use its results in the activities of a student or after they are published they will become available to a wide range of people who are interested in this issue. In connection with this thesis needs to be of high quality, and each student must strive to his work was useful to the largest possible number of people.

at the same time the student is to identify the object and subject of research. the Object of study - part of the objective (psychological, pedagogical, etc.) reality, which you need to explore. the research Subject - any particular side, aspect, property, or attitude of the object of study. The object is an integer; the subject - some part of it. The subject of research is contained within the object as a narrow, well-defined part of reality that is directly investigated.

Aim research - the main element of the structure and extremely important methodological tool of the study. Determine the purpose of the study should clearly identify:

  • the Essence of the problem under study and its major controversies, key issues, theoretical and / or experimental nature which are subject to permission by scientific research;
  • Modern theoretical knowledge that can be used to explain the structure and laws of functioning of studied object;
  • the Main path and the amount of required theoretical and (or) experimental justification of the research subject;
  • Known in psychology (or leading relative to the object of study in science) methods and tools for carrying out theoretical and / or experimental study of the subject.

To properly design and build hypotheses need:

  • by far set the level of the basic contradictions between the most developed issues in the research;
  • to Clarify uncertain or re-introduction of scientific concepts as elements of the subject, based on the logic of the study to give them an unambiguous interpretation, if necessary - to determine in the form of assumptions of the new concept;
  • Clearly defined understanding of the phenomenon which is the object of study, to understand its structure, functions and relations;
  • to Give a critical analysis of the relationship of the elements, which are studied and generalize (synthesize) knowledge, obtained in the hypothesis of the study;
  • Clearly and concisely to justify the main points and methods of theoretical and empirical verification of the hypothesis.

thesis Hypothesis of the study can be simple, stating the fact and level, which determines the assumption for applying the results in the learning process in higher education.

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