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Binary options as a relatively new area of trading on the stock exchange, attracted primarily by its predictability. Trading in these instruments allows you to know in advance the potential profit and loss, besides the size of the initial Deposit portfolio is ridiculously small - in some cases, it is at the level of 5-10$. Importantly, the company and the broker does offers action, in which you can use - 20 free deals for the buildup.


Most inexperienced traders begin their binary options for example the so-called demo accounts. It's sort of a test version of the account, which allows you to get acquainted with the principles of trading before opening a real money Deposit. Broker importantly, the company in this matter went further. To attract potential clients are invited to open a real account with a minimum Deposit portfolio of$ 10 that can be used in some way, as a test.

the First 20 trades on binary options broker pays out of pocket, this means that a trader actually no risk. Moreover, all the resulting funds remain on the customer's balance and he can take off work. The only condition for joining the action is a one-time charge of.

Strategy for success

importantly, the company the broker belongs to the category of regulated market players, that is, his actions are controlled by defined, widely accepted protocols. Therefore, the trust and reputation among traders is maintained at a high level. However, decision making solely depends on his client, who need well-chosen course of action.

One of the prominent traders and regulars on the Internet resource PracticalBinary Dmitry Nazarov offers on personal experience strategy, which is based on moving averages in time frame of 60 seconds. Using it with MACD indicator to filter false signals can be achieved, at least 70% of positive dynamics. Decisions are made as follows:

  • Deals with a positive trend is displayed if while crossing signal line up price bar has closed above the moving average line;
  • the
  • To open trades with a negative dynamics, respectively, have the intersection of moving downwards and closing the candle below the middle line.

In General, nothing complicated and you can effectively work. Withdrawal of funds will also have to verify your account and to meet the minimum Deposit mentioned above.

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