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is required to perform the majority of legal entities. PpCOMPACT and accounting procedure is strictly regulated and must exactly match the requirements of the legislation. Like any other area of ??professional activity, accounting, or rather, the process of its organization and management requires persons engaged them of having specialized knowledge and skills, both in general and in particularone area of ??production. To prevent problems that may arise in connection with mistakes made in the management accountants, accountant must have an extensive store of knowledge and ideas, contacts and experience. It's not fabulous slogans, because sometimes even a small mistake is able entail real and rather big departureKey to the company. Well, if the state enterprises are "own" appropriately qualified accountant, but if not available, or the volume of your production is not economically justify the maintenance of a large staff of accountants, you can use the services of audit firms. Such organization of specialized engaged in conductingiem auditing and accounting. They have a vast experience in dealing with both standard and unusual tasks. The scope of their work covers different areas of the economy - from trade to production capacity.

here - extensive knowledge, communication developments. Range of works includes:

  • Registration, starting a business;
  • maintenance or restoration of accounting;
  • Preparation and submission of reports;
  • liquidation of the enterprise and the other.

The forms of the auditor's work can be paznymi outsourcing (subscriber bookkeeping client), works on the terms of reference or one-time consulting services.

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