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Head - a "face" to the enterprise or anyllektiva. He concludes the contract, receives official guests, and from the look of a "person", depends not only the opinion of the head, but also the team as a whole. As they say, "meet on clothes ...". But the term "person" in this context is not limited to the appearance of the head, but rather a set of indicators, which immediately pay attenmanie guests or partners. The first and main argument, which speaks of solidity and successful managers in particular, and therefore the team as a whole is his office. This is the first thing people see, a potential partner, entering the office of the person in leadership positions. And how comfortable or uncomfortable will feelvisitor depends on the credibility of the work of leader. Choosing furniture for your office, you need to consider that the organization of work should be as comfortable as possible. The office should be exactly what contributes to effective use, and does not distract from it. - This is the image of the modern businessman and he is heavily dependent on naskolko head feels confident in their workplace.  

Principles of selection of office furniture:

  • combination of cabinet and upholstered pieces;
  • multiple tables (written briefing table, ...);
  • the presence of certain types of seats ("chair   the head," the chair of visitors at the briefing table);
  • contract furniture for documentation (cabinets, tables, racks, ...).

When you select a style, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the company: ІT-companies to suit the modern high-tech, but the office of the head of the bank needed a solid classic furniture. The main working area should be organized so as to take into account the possibility of individual robots as the owner's office, and all kinds of group meetings. Chair - a separate issue, it should be all kindspeak of solidity and comfort. The combination of cabinets and shelves must be adjusted so that the head had the opportunity to place it as a working document and   personal belongings and souvenirs or finished products on display.

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