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Why house better apartment

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Probably every averageapartment dwellers in the urban brick apartment buildings panel or once in my life thought about their own small or large (who has what appetites) own house.

The reasons for this can be a weight, how much benefit compared with the flat:

  • no nag or bad neighbors catorye now and then, or do not give sleep at night or fill flat water after repairs can;
  • more space and freedom, even in a small house;
  • fresher and cleaner (if the house outside the city), the air you breathe;
  • heating system;
  • own smallholding;
  • own design;
  • materials for the construction of your choice, and much more.

Historically, the word "cottage" and construction has come to us from England. In the English sense - ita simple one-story or attic house a total area of ??100 "squares" and the infield. Cottages are the hallmark of a country landscape, but it can be built in the city (closed cottage villages or neighborhoods). In our time, this market is quite actively developing due to increased income. Moreover, withbstvenny cottage, even in the city - is an indicator of success and social status of its owner. Every single house – is unique (even if built on the finished project), all of it from building materials to furniture reflects the essence of the owner, his preferences, experience, etc. To begin construction of its own gnezdyshka, you are free to choose its kind, as far as you want it. The classic building material course is brick, but the technology of our time and fashion, allow to build houses of foam and aerated concrete, wood chopped or laminated decks. The layout also can be different, but in the classical form of the first floor is occupied by Statetinaya, kitchen and bathroom, and the second - a bedroom. It is often possible extension to the garage, boiler room, sauna and others. A distinctive feature or even a mandatory element of the cottage - a fireplace. The number of contractors who work in this market is quite extensive - You only need to decide who will fulfill your needs better than others! If you needpurchase - then you should opt for a company DomikRU.

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