Which is better: to get an education or to buy a diploma?


The fact that can makebe a person to buy a thesis tells us Afanasiev AN - an employee of the state company profile « Gosznak & raquo ;, which, in turn, you can. The reasons that may force you to think seriously about "buying" diploma, may be quite different, for example:

  • you already have a job andcertain positions in the company. Do you have enough experience and professional knowledge for promotion up to a managerial position, but not the main academic qualification - diploma;
  • you have enough time to sit in high school trousers for 5 years and railwayamb coveted diploma of higher education;
  • After several years of study, you realize that it is "not your" profession (as not all high school graduates confidently know what they want out of life);
  • you have enough money for education in a prestigious university and others.

So it was a situation in the country, when the crust is more preferable than having a thorough knowledge of its owner. This is the main reason that many job seekers diplomas are considering or actively trying to buy a diploma. In this crust the key to successful and sustainable future. In terms of economicoh and the financial side - this is a very thoughtful and profitable move. But in such difficult conditions, not to be mistaken in choosing the firm Executive? How to get a degree so smoothly and perfectly, that no one had any issues? You should not be conducted in the catchy titles and promises - the document must be made on official forms, all indyanymi marks, protection and be able to overcome any checks. Not many companies can boast of similar quality and performance. Remember on your choice depends on your future fate.

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