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Image is the shape of the person. From what are formed summands of image? Appearance, behavior and lifestyle - that's all, what you need to analyze in order to identify it. Is it possible to change your vital role?

imageTo determine your individual image, you have to look at yourself from aside. That is, to assess your appearance, habits, character, social status and individual characteristics.

At the same time you can take a sheet of paper and draw up a detailed written portrait on yourself. Thus it is necessary to objectively evaluate yourself as if it was a stranger, not missing a single detail.

Now you have to keep in the list only positive qualities, striking out negative. And also assign to this list the desired for the acquisition traits. Thus occurs a correction of your own image, or its approximation to the ideal.
image, style
It is unlikely, that you will immediately classify yourself to any single type of people, as full compliance with a certain image of man is fairly uncommon. But sometimes it is possible to fit closer to the coveted for you role.

It is desirable that the style, which you have come up for yourself was not too contrary to your own characteristics. For example, it would be very difficult for a romantic girl to maintain the image of a "cool girl". And to keep the position of intelligent lady, you must also learn certain manners and improve your erudition.
image, style, vipThe image can be changed regularly according to the pursued aim. In this case it is necessary to take into account the target audience, for which newly appeared figure is required. For example, the task of the selected image, at this time is to make an impression on the students. Maybe the image is required for participation in an artistic coterie. Or urgently, you need to match the status of VIP-person.

It is much more difficult to create a permanent image. Firstly, we need to consider all the elements of our own appearance, thinking through every detail. New clothes, shoes, manicure, a certain type of hairstyle and new make-up will be our essential companions in this. In order to image, styleradically change the hair color and hairstyle, you can use a special computer program, where you can insert your photo.

In the creation of mapping of a new personality, even accessories are important. They will help to emphasize the appointed status and style. For example, you can schedule the purchase of such things, as: a mobile phone of a certain brand, a lighter, watch, belt, shoes, bag, or even a car.

Do not forget that a person's appearance must match his behavior. Manners, gestures, image, stylegait and speech can be rehearsed in front of a mirror, trying to completely get used in the perfect image. It is desirable to hang a sheet with a full list of ideal properties in a prominent for you place. This is necessary in order not to forget that, what we should strive for.

Also, we must remember that with the change of behavior, generally changes the environment of a man. In order to fit into the desired society, it is important not to be a white crow in it. And also, perhaps, it will be difficult to keep previous relationships with family and friends with whom man spoke before. This should be foreseen in advance.

image, styleGradually according to the chosen image will change the internal perception of the world, will appear new qualities, friends, work, and maybe even other profession or love. We must be open to the changes for the better. And then a completely new life, which man almost independently chooses for himself will start.

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