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In many countries there is no culture of visiting psychologists, including many people think they don't need to pass . It is inconvenient and perhaps unknown to many people. This practice is more typical for European countries.


is it Possible this version to refute?

the way it is. Many people concept - it is better to cry on a friend's shoulder and thus solve the issue. Of course, that doesn't help, because the psychologist has the tools aid the understanding of how to help and solve the situation.


What classes are usually conducted by a psychologist?

the Psychologist lectures, conducting workshops, seminars. Of course, there is individual counselling and group sessions. This is a different age categories can engage children and young people ... examples might include a group of graduates with the request: it is easier to study and take exams, to prepare psychologically, how to set goals and achieve them. And, of course, without age limits older, Mature people. Group therapy allows you to solve not only personal problems, but business in General and the disclosure of its internal capacity. We have no age restrictions.


What is a man profited from this technique, as intuitive game play?

psychologists have many tools methods and techniques. If you transfer, it's the same as a psychological arrangement, arrangement's, then few people will understand the meaning. Intuitive game play - this is when we intuitively play a particular situation. Basically it is team, and then much easier for the viewer to grasp the problem, understand the problem and the possible solutions. Well in this game that people are able to find a solution, and the band it just shows options to solve it.


That is a projection of a life situation in humans?

Yes, the only thing that is not a group, nor the game itself does not solve the problem of man. They only show, and then the man himself must decide. Freedom of choice remains for the person.


What is this technique and how it can help a person to develop certain skills?

This is a gaming technology development of memory, attention, imagination, and the development of creative thinking. This is extraordinary thinking lives in the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere - the development of logic, intelligence. Our creative possibilities are limitless, and therefore, when it comes to the development of memory, attention, imagination, better suited gaming technology. There can be non-standard, illogical. Autotechnica have 20-27 of the basic techniques, but each person can remember a few of them and group, as you wish. School autotechnik has no age restrictions, there were groups of adults who rejoiced in the fact that they can easily remember information. First grade children can attend classes.


And if to speak about the basis of lectures and individual lessons?

a school of positive thinking. There all built on this. We sometimes do not think about how emotions positive or negative effect on us. There was some situation - and we don't realize how much it runs in our head. We should note that we think and what quality of information in our head. It is proved that thoughts materialize and we need to think about what we think. The school of positive thinking is configured to control his thoughts. There is a technique psychosomatic disorders, associated with the fact that man thinks, that is mental problems can be because of mental programs.

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