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according to the da, that car povin skin be very the way, Yak magnehelic first aid kit. First aid kit in the car for potrebne case ekstrennogo poryatunku the life of WADA Chi Pasaieru.


Before pre automoble kits are very requirements:

  • Vaughn needs a to sopinka Cavotec at poterlo;
  • deposits to be guilty perev apuvaline material for pokrittya packageno surface of the body;
  • in Aptech, Pavin Buti funds ndial protection.

Usually all, who cuuute avtomobilno first aid kit, immediately cidaut ) in the trunk. Let legit, I probably won sadovitsa Chi - MRKU blesst avtoljubitel. However neubeginn I indicates statistics about zvorune. Yakscho today, you can Spokane obilica without the kit, tomorrow clcom murno won you sadovitsa. Its the first aid kit for your car today can even in Internet-shops, for example in this: . Zaraz mi razglyadev, de rekomenduoti sbergami first aid kit in car fahc.


De better sbergami kit?

Hod opetovne I experiment boules visnadin msca, de more often avtoljubitel trimout autoattack. TSE: trunk, pid wodaski sidnam ABO on polic for sdnm signal.

  • a first aid Kit in the trunk of car. In the trunk first aid kit sbergami blesst vodu. However uavt sobi, if you snadobica first aid kit, initially the company produced dovedetsja to leave with the car, then vgcreate the trunk and the mid motlow , thank you. On C operat can PTI about 45 seconds, and for Tsey hour poterli can vratiti swedomsky from vtrati crow. And if in result of road accident packageno zadny the car part, then V is not in General smojete proniknuty in the trunk
  • first aid Kit on polic for zadne sidname. Sbergami first aid kit on polic for zadne sidname Ter not vdali Varant. Uavt sobi, that in the case rskogo galimovna box W Lomi, Yak small projectile letit into the cabin of your car. Yakscho ncogo not zachepichi, Yak minimum from Ross Tisa I kick you to dovedetsja witricity hour on pashuki neophane speeches, that rassypalis through the cabin. Moreover, vltu back polic Anacin promen blastout spravzhniy Solarium, and Aptech peregrevaetsya not possible, so the Yak lcars of preparati can quickly spavalica;
  • first aid Kit pid wodaski signal. It would seem b, there has got body schvidkaya and zruchni access to first aid kits. However in the case of rskogo galimovna, a box with medicines can vilisoni and poterpite pid pedal, I blokovi. ABO in process pasakaina SDI you can posaditi , WMT;
  • first aid Kit pid perednem pasazerski signal. Fahft Dumka, TSE navidale place for storage of first aid kits. In case consumer before Neji can Shvidko I bezperestanno dstates, Tim yourself are not vtratili hour for nadannya of help poterla.

If you redbana automatickou zanadto great, recomendamos pereklasti " VST in a box of mansogo rozmiru. Yakscho . mozliwosci palasti first aid kit in zadny the iron chain perednego passazhirskogo Signa, trobt from the well, and the same place poznate sticker W czerwonym the cross, that serve as dorogovato for strong people bazhayuchih nadati you deadlocks.



So, nikolovska - CE NavNet in ukomplektovana car kits in principle. Auto first aid kit maximum garanto bespeco for all, what to znahoditsya in cars. The best place for storage of car kits - pid perednem pasazerski signal.

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