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the Rhythm of our life became so high, and life is full of various events that we sometimes don't notice them, do not give them any value. However, the wedding for any girl is by far one of the most memorable days. But then how good are those memories, depends on the bride and her attire, which clearly must be custom and unique. To help those who want to choose can store Chocolate De Luxe, providing customers with the relevant catalog of wedding dresses 2016. Here you will undoubtedly find the outfit of your dreams that outshine all those present at the ceremony and leave their memories a bright splash of emotions, and some people even envy.


Dresses in every styles

Salon De Luxe, which is located in the city centre of Sevastopol, trying to constantly monitor global trends in the world of wedding fashion. Without this clients will be surprised and will not keep. And by and large not our style to stagnate in one place, you should always move forward, expanding new stylistic horizons.

For all brides who definitely want to be irresistible, we offer dresses in various types:


    Lush. Traditional dress, which from year to year demand. It happens so because finery allows dream girl to be the most beautiful and graceful on your holiday. In addition, this style allows you to emphasize the waist and hide flaws in the lower part;

    a-line. Less lush than the previous, but still popular dress. The bottom resembles a more vertical cone with an offset waist up to his chest. The advantages of the previous types of dresses, you can also add the option to hide all figure flaws in the waist area.

    Godet. Figure-fitting dress which got its name from the eponymous skirts. Is extension in the hip area. It is the perfect solution for owners of chiseled thallium and perfect figures;

    Empire. Light, airy dress, somewhat reminiscent of a-line and tunic from the days of Ancient Greece.

in addition, we are always ready to offer you a huge selection of related accessories: veils, gloves, boleros, capes, etc when Choosing the cabin De Luxe, you can count on it that the wedding will be held in the memory of guests for years-and its Queen, the bride will win it all without restrictions.


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