What is the table-book?


the Question of compactness and functionality in a modern interior is not the last place, and sometimes even important. A vivid example of a furniture is the table-book (if you've never seen the furniture - an example on the website wilema-mebel.by). Next, we'll look at how to choose the table owner.


what determines the price?

the Cost of a table-book, often depends directly on the materials used for its production. It is clear that tables-of books of MDF or particleboard are much cheaper than their metal and wooden counterparts. Here it is necessary to weigh all + and - and make a decision which of these materials are the most organically fit the interior of Your room.


Shapes and sizes

"+" table book is its size directly in the folded form. Choosing this table should special attention be paid to its stability in the unfolded form. Tables-books are such forms as:

  • Oval;
  • Mini;
  • Narrow;
  • Great.

Styles, colors, materials

the Choice of colors is also an important point. White tables-books are ideal for rooms with dim fluorescent lighting. Kitchen tables in hi-tech style should accentuate its austerity and minimalism. For the production of table-books from MDF and particle Board are used in PVC film of various textures and colors. On tables-books of glass applied sandblast pattern, tinted or photo printing. Glass tables often have small dimensions. A table-books of wood are considered universal, it is possible to paint them any color you want.



the functionality of these tables add drawers, niches and shelves. Folded tables-books look like a small chest of drawers. The most popular today are tables-books boxes. They will appreciate the people engaged in needlework, which need a large tabletop for cutting fabric, as well as a place to store various sewing things. These tables are very convenient to store tablecloths, napkins, towels, and extra tableware. And the functionality of the table-books on wheels is the ease of movement.

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