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shortage of materials for flooring today, no. But no matter how many ways was not linoleum, laminate or even parquet, there is no substitute for comfort and a truly home comfort carpet. The most practical among them can be considered a carpet from an online store Keramis, choose which is available on the official website .


Any type of carpet is a combination of several layers, each of which performs its role. In particular, it decided to allocate the primary and secondary bases connected by a reinforcing layer. They give the carpet the necessary rigidity, allow to save the form, and also serve as a reliable basis for the external decorative layer of the pile.

Features and durability of the carpet is largely dependant on the structure and material of the pile layer. It can be thick and sparse, high and low, layered, cropped, etc. the denser structure of the pile, the higher the chances that the carpet will be more durable and resistant to constant mechanical load.

Materials for Foundation and pile are usually different, since these layers must have different characteristics. For the base layer usually choose latex or jute fiber that has good strength and elasticity. In turn, the pile is usually made from wool or polymer fibers (nylon, polypropylene, polyester). Each of them has both strengths and weaknesses, so manufacturers often used a combination of different components to achieve the required characteristics of the pile. An example is the joint use of wool and nylon in the ratio of 4 to 1. This allows you to retain its natural properties, but also enhance the strength and elasticity of the pile.


Traditionally, the main type of soft floor coverings are carpets, but they gradually give way in popularity more best carpet. It has the following advantages:

    Size. Unlike carpet, which has a fixed length and width, size of the carpet is determined only by width. Length can be arbitrary in view of the roll supply. This, in turn, allows a perfect fit over the area;

    Colour. Carpets usually have finished the composite drawing, which often becomes an obstacle to its combination with the interior design. Carpet this shortage is deprived of;

    Durability. Excellent strength characteristics allow the same to successfully use this type of flooring in the home, office premises, exhibition and corporate events.

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