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Country Corner - furniture franzosich premum-class

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Company Country Corner Bula rotsi target in 1990 at Franz - "domou to usamu in company z proektuvannya ," virobnictva uncanny of aksesuaru in klasicnih francuskich styles I in the style of Provence. When virobnictvo vyrobu vykorystovuyutsia meisterst 18-19 centuries, VSI virobi and designs available ACCOR barboutis I patenaude for specials. zapatentovana technology.

Although englische napisanna, Country Corner (s English. vono translated Yak Silsky of kutochok ) rasprava je iz company Franz, Yak Seimas proektuvannya first virobnictva caruna of, and also aksesuar, head is ako znahodytsya on malownicza userii Franz - Verhnie Normand , . Havr. Uncoln virobi Country Corner VDOM the world vsomu help our defenders nepovtorim charm - TSE furniture, and also, elementi decor, that wbro nizhnist and vishukani beauty franzuskogo Provence. VSI collections osoblivi in svoemu I devout purity, simplicity I tonkastu style scho dodati Your nter ru home comfort I vesnyana legkosti, radouci vitonen design, and also neimovirna comfort. By the way, in Ukraine pridbati furniture this brand can be on sit .

Tworz compan family Le Brosse pocha zaymatysya meblami sche in the beginning 80-x years, VDRIVE antikvarniy meblevi store. For Tsey hour the company digit have Virola, pobuduvati VLAN factory I otrimali mineralne recognition.


In Danian hour compan ):

  • 70 vlasnik magazinw, bezposrednio have Franz, yaki pratsyuyut pid brand Interiors; 6-th factories of virobnictvo, and also aksesuaru;
  • the
  • mineralna Trammel distributors, yaki pratsyuyut have than 35 Cranach world;
  • the
  • products Country Corner presents than 5 tis. stores bezposrednio on vsomu world.

Although such a scale, the company produjo salicaria spanou, so it is not sminutes h home furniture flosofa premum-class at an affordable cnou, zavdyaki quality the know-how . Cnost, Yakima Slu simeyna company s time . zasnuvannya - TSE prystrasti to masternet schedule s tree I to uncanny of scho paratory suicine zhitlo in adobes, yaky potim peredaetsa s pokolinnja in pokolinnya.

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