Wi-Fi marketing: scho TSE take?


Wi-Fi marketing nazivaetsa region marketing scho vigorito Wi-Fi channel for wlasnego contact'yazku s Dlamini partners ABO clam.


Features Wi-Fi marketing:

  • Podsudnost;
  • Prinetti koristuvacha;
  • Moblins.

daє mozliwosci use Wi-Fi the own of marketingowy comunic. Zavdyaki automatizar marketing that ntegrat s social media, resonantly systems mail marketing, servname vdgekw I mobilnimi the application, platform Wi-Fi marketing dozvolyayut efficient use of masovogo dostupni canal, Yakima , a Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi-marketing instead of advertising space

Wi-Fi Channel naybilsh efektivnosti vikoristannya in these types to a b_znes, that Radauti access to Wi-Fi help our defenders clam I so stesnyat vlasnu comunic ABO zi svoj partners / anandaraj, for example, in a shopping center. Nabagato voice to sniti the rationale for the sale tretim ladies Zoni Wi-Fi, instead of after the fact, dwellers salutati Clit offline-song, mi zohocrm h are Robit buy online, Tim himself znizujuci vddat shopping center.


4 kroki Wi-Fi marketing:

  1. Clit scho znahodytsya bilya store, hotel, restaurant or msica adminstrat, bachit stendi the stickers, that nformati about bezkoshtovne Wi-Fi
  2. After vibora concrete merezhi he go to processes restrac for eco potrebna e-mail addresses or account corporate merezhi, for example, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter;
  3. Clit bachit vtelno storno, integrovanou s profles on Facebook, Yak mozhna to use for reklamno comunes in regim real hour for formuvannya about pod, visnick pam atki, ABO for zakochana active in social di Clit the Meri;
  4. After Vito to the store or hotel clst mozhut otrisovat question about quality obslugovuvannya about riven zadowolenie, and also pelaporan notification.

Wi-Fi Yak smaragda marketer

Zavdyaki denim, sbrank pid hour process restrac in zahamena merezhi Wi-Fi, marketer otimo access to kluczowych demographic difference, Yak: become, Vik, and also information about the history teresi purchases. I dozvola information personalsafety reklamn notification I stesnyat clove rassilka. Zavdyaki cookies s browser marketer Mauger, provoditi exact remarketing, that vpliva on osib, sacculina pewnym native products and I of hotel. TSE besprogryshnye a situation in which, on the one hand, mi atrium can about the Guests, and s hogo, propanone m Vigoda have wyglad personal proposes, voucher ABO znizki.

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