Returned goods without a receipt: how to do it?

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Many people at least 1 time in life, faced with such a frankly unpleasant phenomenon of the return of the goods. Even more unpleasant, this phenomenon ceases when the seller is not the buyer or the buyer's check, it is simply lost. Here it is necessary to be patient and not despair, because Russian law provides for the return of goods even without a receipt. Next, we describe in more detail about that .


reasons for the refund for the product:

  • falsification of goods;
  • significant disadvantages of the product are directly the fault of the manufacturer (executor or seller) during the period of coverage;
  • poor quality products;
  • if the person filed the defective products for warranty repair, but the 14 days he has not returned the repaired item.

If the client product is not suited for the properties, shape, size, color, etc., it can also return the goods of appropriate quality directly to the 14 days (this is exactly our case).

it Should be noted that the lack of receipt is not a reason for refusal of the buyer to return the purchased goods, as well as providing him with the money that was spent directly on the purchase of the product.

All law-abiding sellers are required to have a copy of your receipt which should be kept throughout the year. In practice, while the client was attempting to return some realties goods without a receipt, the sellers simply "accept" it for the "foreign" customer.

the Buyer also can confirm the purchase of goods and other documents (e.g., warranty card).

the Buyer shall send seller a statement of refund, and attach to this statement of available documents (of course, if they have one), and the seller should, in turn, to make the act of return.

I Must say that conversing with the seller, you need to show firmness, calmness and consistency of his intentions.

If the seller eventually will refuse you to refund your money, then you can sue him in court to prove the purchase of goods, you can present any testimony and supporting documents.

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