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Massage techniques with health and relaxation action, practiced by different peoples of the world for centuries. But in East Asia they have a special flavor, are closely intertwined with Buddhist meditative practice and yoga. Apart here is , which is available today all the people of Kiev due to the salon will take place on the Dnieper embankment near the River station.


the majority of potential visitors to Thailand as tourists already have some preconceived notions about this country as a center for sex tourism, part of which is local massage. In fact it is too far from the truth, and this reputation stuck back in the 60-70 years of the twentieth century, during the Vietnam war. Here rested from the fighting in the neighboring country, American soldiers, some local masseuse and really did not hesitate to try on the role of prostitutes.

However, the real Thai massage involves a minimum of contact of the master and the client. Involved are mainly the hands (fingers, palms, elbows). The therapist is constantly moving, staying on the heels, then kneeling, then sitting.

furthermore, during the session and master, and his client are fully clothed (except shoes). A combination of techniques and postures, stretching, yoga allows you to fully experience the atmosphere of bliss without even the hint of sex.


Like any other type of massage, the Thai practice is not recommended, and even directly forbidden in the case of diseases in the active form, pregnancy, poisoning and recent injuries. In other cases, each client of the salon, Amari can be guaranteed to count on:

  • Improved work of the nervous and respiratory systems;
  • the
  • enhanced circulation, elimination of swelling and lifting of scars on the skin;
  • the
  • improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the
  • detoxify the body;
  • the
  • to increase the elasticity and strength of muscles and tendons.

For your clients the salon, Amari has developed several special programs that are designed to fully meet the current needs of the client. In particular, the zonal practiced massage (head, legs, back, neck etc), traditional Thai, Royal, cellulite massage and more. Among our clients you can find the famous in the country and abroad personalities: athletes, businessmen, artists. All of them visited the salon many times, so do not put off to later what you can join right now.

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