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What's essay tells us site staff, Dan Warren. Essay - is a form of prose, although someliterary critics regarded as a separate genus of literature. Characteristic hallmarks of essays, sets it apart from the other genres are:

  • a relatively small volume;
  • free composition and interpretation of the theme;
  • individualnost impressions and ideas of the author.

The nature of the essay and may vary from the philosophical to the scientific, resemble article or treatise, but a distinctive feature, this is the free form, as it were "free thought" is not fully disclosed to theme, and should only show the ratio of the authorand to her.

style properties inherent in the essay:

  • imagery;
  • mobility associations;
  • frankness;
  • conversational tone.

Arrange essay can not byhow many groups of features: in terms of content (philosophical, literary, historical, ...), in the likeness of literary forms (reviews, notes, writing), by type (description, narration, criticism, analysis). Any literary genre has its own rules of writing, structure, but in the case of an essay, just no rules, except that the presence of Headerska. The rest of the essay has a loose structure and sequence of forms. Although the genre for the first time appeared in the XVI century, today it is very popular and is growing rapidly. Very often, in our time, the essay is used when applying for a job - in this case, the aim should find out how the experiences and initiatives future employee. Apart FromThis essay is actively used for self-improvement.

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