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Several generations of children have grown up in the Soviet cartoons, for sureremember such works as "Plasticine Crow", "Last Year's Snow Was Falling". This brilliant representatives of this genre of animated art like clay animation. Unlike traditional hand-drawn animation, every single frame is formed not draw two-dimensional images and plasticine objects that are modifiedXia in each frame. By the way, you can look at Megogo.net. &Nbsp; Plasticine animation is quite time-consuming process, which nevertheless can be carried out by three main methods:


The method similar posloevoy hand-drawn animation. In several clear glass (layers) is placedXia characters and scenery and modified independently of each other. The camera is placed at the same time over the glass perpendicular. Modern technology provides separate layers of filming followed by combining with the use of special software. Another characteristic feature of the technology rudder is a flat shape of the object; -


This method is similar to the other kind of animation - puppet. That is, the frame is formed by volume rather than flat objects;

Combined animation

Originally involves the concurrent use of computer and special software to combine and editAnia frame. A feature of this method is that each of the objects of the final frame is removed and animated individually, against a special blue screen. After that digitized animated streams are combined into one cartoon.

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