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Today, such a thing as the Internet is not a rarity for anybody. It is difficult to find an area of work, life and creativity, wherever the Internet is not really have an application. What is so attractive Internet and what it's benefits before such common phenomena, as books, radio and television. And whether they do.
The first Internet - is a boundless database. Find the answer to any question the matter of two - three clicks. Millions of people daily fill it with information on absolutely any topic. View  novelties of film distribution, internetlistening of new works of favorite artists, all this is possible without long expectations of appearance in the sale. Gaming innovations also appear on the Internet faster than in the stores. Well and cheats, patches and to that similar useful software can only be found here. If something is not in the internet we can say that it does not exist. Here is a case from my own practice, such as, deciding to check whether i can find everything, randomly i have typed unrelated among each other combination of letters (i can not remember which), i have got 16 pages with this combination. So you can safely say that there is everything there. Books, in that form that we are used from childhood, sadly attain the age. Gradually die various trainings, seminars, etc., that are replaced by computer courses on various areas. internetIt is known for both children and the older generation, for which were introduced many educational programs. Education received on the internet (distance learning) became a part of our lives. A tendency to move on computer learning in primary educational institutions is impressive, only in 2011 were put into effect 14 programs, aimed at the computerization of the educational process! We can't even speak about higher educational institutions. The computer and the Internet there have become simply irreplaceable.

Secondly, its enormous business opportunities.internet advertising  Advertising of facebook, mail, yandex, etc, this are sites that are visited by millions of people every hour, there is no better place to promote your products. Television of course also gives the audience, but the price is much higher, and the relation to television advertising put it mildly.. negative. Promotion in social networks, where every day is "hanging" half the population of the country does not pass unnoticed. The advantage of advertising in the Internet have already estimated tens, if not hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. internetAnd for those who are looking for a job there are many sites where you can leave your profile, and it's absolutely free (for example, contact the employment agency will cost around 1000-1500 rubles, and no guarantee that you will find a job).
And thirdly is the availability of the Internet. Perhaps there is no corner in Russia, and not only in Russia, where the signal of satellite or mobile network operator can not reach. And if there is a signal - there is the Internet.  internet wi fiMany types of wired and wireless connectivity make it affordable and fast. Speed ​​of wireless connection (Wi Fi, USB-modems), sometimes even higher than the signal on the phone line. Communication between different parts of the country, world moved to a new level, where no distance, no language, no nation do not play any role.  internetThe government also assessed the possibilities of Internet, this is showing by introducing online meetings, chat with citizens.
All this makes the Internet not just entertainment, but the realities of modern life, without which it will soon become impossible to live.

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