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For thousands of years mankind has invented a lot of methods and products for restoration of energy and vitality. But it is unlikely they can compete on the prevalence and popularity of the massage. Various techniques of tactile manipulation of pressure points and areas of the body promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, provide therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the organism. There is also a separate type of massage or erotic which is not only useful but pleasant. Its aim is sexual arousal of the organism, and the manifestation of sensitivity, the search for new erogenous zones.


Past and present

Initially, the erotic massage was a part of many Eastern cultures, for example, India, China, etc. It was used as a prelude before the main intercourse, finding some emotional energy relationship, contact between partners. The wording is somewhat philosophical, but we shouldn't be surprised, because in this region people since ancient times practiced various forms of self-knowledge and techniques (yoga, Tantra, qigong, etc).

Today this type of massage is also popular at home, because of its simplicity and unimaginable pleasures. Its correct implementation guarantees the release of sexual energy, capacity development and sexual function. This technique is definitely recommended for everyone and free couples as extremely enriching sex life, better explore, understand and appreciate each other.

in Addition to household erotic massage, today there is a reason to talk about mass commercial form. This practice is carried out in massage parlours only by professional specialists. And domestic, professional and erotic massage done in the Nude (this applies to both client and massage therapist). Salon option in most cases does not accept direct contact with the genitals of the client, and the top of the skill of the therapist in this case is the ability to bring to orgasm effect on other erogenous zones.


the Technique of erotic massage

it is Obvious that the maximum dose of fun can get only if you completely relax. To dispel extraneous thoughts to create the correct atmosphere. You can play with light to create the shadows, use scented candles and incense, turn on a romantic, relaxing music, etc.

Initial stage of the erotic massage is a classic effect on the body. In this case liberally uses special oils to RUB and moisturize the body. It removes superfluous tone, completely relaxing the muscles in anticipation of the main part. Massage is done not only hands but also other parts of the body, which causes even more excited. Everyone is encouraged to use feathers, ice cubes, etc. it is Important to ensure that the body of the partner/client was constantly and well hydrated.

erotic massage Technique allows not only to relax but also to enjoy, to broaden their horizons, to better understand yourself and your partner.

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