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In this article we will look into what can be if you don't repay the loan and what you expect danger and tell us about it Maksimov A. N. - website editor: . If within the specified period upon demand of the Bank you do not make complete payment, he can do it 2 ways:

  • sue you in the court;
  • to transfer your debt to collectum.


What if your debt is transferred by the Bank to a collection company? The last will "knock" you have this debt by all available means. But do not pogatsa, better armed with knowledge of the law and the time to protect yourself.
You need to go to court in order to recognize the illegal transfer transaction of your debt, in addition you should provide the Bank a claim for transfer to 3rd parties your personal data (banking secrecy). And offer debt collection agencies your duty to enforce.

the Court

If the Bank you are being sued, in this case, you will need to prepare for the upcoming trial. It is mandatory to come to all meetings. In addition, you need to make a complaint against the Bank for conversion %, monthly fee for maintaining your account, as well as other illegal payments, which he was charged. To make it would be best to contact a good lawyer with experience in cases like this.

of Course the court will charge you a payment to your principal, but interest and other payments you can write off a very large sum. Also, the court can give the installments for a couple of years. Here everything will depend only on you. So if the judge see that you not refuse payment of his debt, then he can easily go to a meeting. If you will not pay the Bank, even after the entry of court decision into legal force, then you will undertake the bailiffs, who have wider powers than the collectors. They have full right to impose on your property (furniture, appliances) arrest. I have no right to take away personal belongings and housing, if it's in person only. So it doesn't come up you need the bailiffs to pay at least a nominal sum. In this case, you will be able to pull a very long time. If you are officially employed or have any official income from your own business then the bailiffs will collect (and legitimately) half your income. Also bailiffs can arrest your Bank deposits and prevent your trip abroad.

and finally: if you have a criminal case and recognized the malicious debtor, then the maximum than you face is a suspended sentence.

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