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ruberoidnyj roof is not very durable, and every five years needs. Because of the small life of asphalt roof is evaporation from the surface of the roof of bitumen and rotting foundations of cardboard. As a result of this roofing material is easily broken, cracked and startinga leak. In such cases, a necessary repair of asphalt roof. Maintenance and repair of a roof are minimal compared to other roofing. Carry out basic repairs of the roof of roofing material is much more economical in financial terms, in contrast to the overhaul. And the time Budespent so much less.

Technology repair the roof coated with tar paper

The process of repair of asphalt roofing is the partial restoration of damaged areas covering. If your roof there are signs of cracks, bumps and disconnection of roofing material as well aspresence of other injuries, it's time to make repairs. For the timely identification of damage of asphalt roofs need each year to verify the quality of the roofing.

Repair discrepancies in the joints of sheets of roofing material roofing material involves lifting and drying it waspsConsiderations. Then ruberoidnyj sheets stacked in place and fastened to the base by means of bitumen. Joint tar board sheets are also treated with bitumen.

If the sheet of roofing material was detached from the base, the repair process will include the following steps:

  • cut sheet in a line along the ridge;
  • put on the bottom of the base bitumen processed;
  • cut a strip of roofing material appropriate for the size of the incision length and width not less than 30 cm;
  • This segment of roofing material underimposes on half the width of a sheet of delaminated and glued using bitumen;
  • then glued the cut line and the lower part of the detachment;
  • at the joint treatment is necessary for high-quality sealing mastic.

Partial repair smallDamage

The technology of partial repair of minor damage is in the handling of the roof with small patches. To do this, place the damage must be cleaned of dirt and dry well. Then glue the prepared patch of roofing materialbut slightly larger than the available damage. On the edge of the patch apply a coat of bitumen for a thorough sealing.

This type of damage as various swelling and blisters, repaired as follows. Directly on the evidence of damage incision in the shape of a cross. Free edges zavorachivayutsya up. Cleaning of the coating and drying of the base under the roofing material. In the next step, the promazyvanie bitumastic damaged area and patching larger than itself damage by about 10 cm across the entire diameter.

After any of the above types of RemoNTA ruberoid roof on to repair the areas sprinkled with coarse sand or fine gravel. This is done in order to improve the reinforcing properties of the bitumen coating and protect the roof from UV rays.

Tools and materials for repair

Ifyou are ready to do the repair of asphalt roof yourself, then you will need the following tools and materials:

  • burner gas;
  • ax and knife roofing;
  • trowel (for promazyvaniya joints with mastic);
  • roller;
  • bitumen and mastic;
  • roofing (waterproofing material is sold in rolls).

Advantages and disadvantages of ruberoid cover

Ruberoid — one of the most popular materials for hydroinsulation on the market today. His appointment waterproofing roofs, basements, and many other facilities. Sheets of roofing material represent a thick cardboard impregnated with bitumen. To roll roofing material does not stick surface processed by a special grit.

Roofing material for roofingand is used quite often, and he enjoys enough popularity, due to the inexpensive cost and ease of maintenance and installation. Plus also considered high waterproofing properties.

But it does have a number of significant disadvantages:

  • short life span (3-5 years);
  • impossibility of carrying out the laying work in the winter time;
  • low workability;
  • fire hazard.

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