Development of a construction company: internal and external factors

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As you know, open a construction company is only a small part of the path you want to take the entrepreneur. The most important aspect in life - development. The development of the company, as a rule, are divided into internal and external:


  • fordbor qualified staff;
  • staff development;
  • Development of internal development strategy;
  • cost optimization.


  • promotion company and its management;
  • increase awareness of and confidence in the company;
  • networking with partners;
  • search for clients;
  • setting a target marketingThe strategy;
  • promotion of the Internet (plays a very important role, because well-designed and implemented an advertising campaign is able to provide a good inflow of new clients).

The situation in the construction market of the country

The development of the construction company usually occurs during the term of life of the enterprise. The most important law in the business world, "an offline" is the following: the main thing is not the best service or product, and the successful work of managers marketers.

The situation, which is now the oddsmated in the construction industry of the country in small construction companies is sharply negative attitude. Interference by the authorities, they are regarded as purposeful crackdown: and it is 100% true - because small construction companies do not actually have legal access to the vast majority of the work, and as a consequence, whenjoining the SRO they have to pay very high fees and are forced to pay for their membership in other industry organizations, but for all that they do not get absolutely no preferences. But according to the observations builders themselves, despite all this, in the south of the country is constantly growing number of small construction companies. Unfortunately, following anprisoner in force FZ of tenders and auctions quality construction decreased significantly, as now according to different studies in the construction industry employs about 75% of all came to the territory of the Russian Federation migrants. It turns out that to develop a construction company at the moment is simply meaningless, since competing with Companiyami using unskilled labor on public procurement is simply impossible, and commercial construction market today is still only in its infancy and small companies are "sharpened" under quality services remains grasp at every little bit profitable customer and perform small volumes Startedt to save the company.

Example : earlier the company to issue a license for 30-40 thousand rubles, which is given for 5 years and to date for CPO registration of the license is worth 400 thousand, and each year the company is obliged to pay contributions. And if the company Mr.e will be able to pay them, the SRO unilaterally exclude the company from its members without refund of funds. Also, it does not matter whether you have orders or not, all you exactly need to pay huge taxes, so the development of their organization can afford only companies which are focused on long-term performance and with greatertheir level of funding.

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