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The most anticipated children's cartoons in 2014

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Rio 2

In the mamouth 2014 Russian cinemas will screen « Rio 2 » -series of little family of birds living in the city of Rio de Janeiro. We will talk about the new and exciting adventures carefree and fun little family of birds. Head of the family decides that it would be nice to go back to the jungle of the Amazons, where bird little family waiting for exciting adventures, news friends and acquaintances. But if it were that simple. Wildlife is fraught with a lot of trials and adventures, in which get carefree family of birds.

The Legend of Oz: Dorothy Return

Around May 2014 we are waiting for Cartoon « Legend of Oz: Returnedix Dorothy & raquo ;. We will talk about what has happened to the country after the fall of Oz spell evil sorcerer. After returning to his native Kansas, Dorothy, she discovers that her close friends, Smart Scarecrow, Lion, the Tin Woodman, disappeared. In a totally empty kingdom she gets acquainted with new friends such as speaking a porcelain doll, living barkbl. It will have to unravel the mystery of what happened in this mysterious and magical kingdom.

The Snow Queen 2

But who does not know about the Snow Queen? About December 25, 2014 to be held the premiere of the Russian cartoon Timur Bekmambetov "Snow Corotlev-2. "The Adventures of Gerda, who saved blah Godard love and friend Kai from the terrible spell of the Snow Queen, were not over. This children's cartoon tells us about the adventures of Gerda and Kai. insidious plan bears the Wicked Queen. She wants to destroy the whole kingdom, and good-natured peace-loving trolls. To stop the plans viciously CorOlevia, Kai and Gerda have to go through obstacles, full of danger and adventure, or flourishing region with good trolls turn into one big ice kingdom.


In March 2014 Russian viewers are waiting for the adventure zebra named « Kumba & raquo ;.Kumba was born in the driest parts of Africa. But fate would have it, there was only one striped half of the body. Father and chief shaman herd decide that because of Kumba and its coloring Great Drought paused in their territories. For this reason, the father agrees with the shaman and decides that Kumba has to leave the herd until pokand acquires the missing band. The baby has no choice but to abide by the decision of the family and he goes on a dangerous, difficult and fascinating journey in the company of his faithful friends, who still looks like the kid Kumba. &Nbsp;  

Baby multfelms a long time remain in the memory of children and adults. In 2014, you can see many beautiful, fascinating and interesting cartoons. We are waiting for the baby and adventure Kumba, dangerous and exciting adventures Gerda in unraveling the enchanted city, and even restless and cheerful family of birds of Rio. Worth seeing all these muletfilmy to set the mood and the joy of filling themselves with the heroes of past adventures!

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