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for anybody not a secret that almost every resident of the world dreams of manicured nails. It is believed that it is better to be at work without makeup, but not without a manicure. It turns out that a very beautiful and well-groomed hands of women has always been the center of attention, even sometimes much more than other parts of the body. Or you sign different kinds of paper, speak to management or colleagues on their work, gracefully have a cigarette or a glass - interviewee unwittingly always looking at your hands, it is so beautiful manicure is so important in a woman's life.


How to care for your nails?

There are many options how to care for and keep their nails manicured, for example, to do salt baths, RUB in the cuticle oil, vitamins or nourishing cream. All of these methods require a lot of time and patience, and that is why the technology is not standing still. More information can be found on the website: .


the story of the manicure

Interestingly, in 1954, dentist Fred slack in the process, severely cut her finger, slightly brushing the nail plate. His head turned this idea: a place where there was trauma to the nail to put a certain material. The doctor treated the tooth: oppilas and polished, after having received similar to the natural material, it is thus appeared the first acrylic nails. But acrylic has a number of contradictions: he's a tough, but not elastic, has a strong, peculiar odor resistant, and requires high speed and agility from the master.

that is why in the 60-70-ies of XX century was made the first good part of the gel, which can harden only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. First, the nails covered with gel were not very good quality, had the property of quickly deteriorate even under the influence of the rays of the sun.


Features gel-Polish

Another innovative product that has not bypassed the attention of fashionistas is the gel Polish. Is a combination of gel and nail Polish. Gel Polish has a kind of natural and very attractive, while he is not thickens the nail. If you apply the product correctly, it will not give cracks and various chips, stays on nails for almost three weeks. Of course, then it requires correction, because the nail has grown back, and he already looks unsightly. Gel lacquers are a couple of advantages - they quickly harden in the UV lamp, and apply a thin layer and so do not bother nail plate. Also they have no smell, do not cause any Allergy, and have a wide palette of colors.



Nail industry today is evolving at a very fast rate. The service of nail modeling becomes very popular, and anyone who wants, can quickly correct the lack of nails, to adjust or change their shape.

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