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the Designer is a great toy that brings joy to children, Taya and their parents, because it can play the whole family, creating true masterpieces of construction. Constructor for kids is an exciting journey into the world of imagination and creativity, it promotes the development of:

  • imagination
  • coordination
  • fine motor skills.

let's look at Tinker toys for different ages. Most of them rekomenduetsya for children older than 3 years, because they have very small and difficult enough for children's handles the details. Recently on the market you can find educational designers for children from 1 year that looks like the constructors for adults, though they consist of more vivid and large parts, easily fastened together and they are safe. A vivid example can serve as a magnetic construction in which all parts are connected among themselves by means of small magnets. One of the best producers in this category is Magformers, which produces the set of constructors (and from tiny to huge). Many parents are happy to buy Magformers their children, because this toy like almost all children (both girls and boys).

How to choose the best designer?


5 years

Generally the most popular are considered designers Lego, and more affordable, their counterparts are . The most famous children's classic designer pjatiletnij for kids is Lego Duplo. This designer with large quality details and funny characters deserve love adults and children. Of course, today, you can find the same designers, at more affordable prices. But remember that the quality of the plastic in them can be much worse that in turn may be dangerous for the baby. If you are a designer, for example, for kindergarten, which will play a huge number of children, then in the 1st place, you need to focus on reliability and quality.


above 5 years

Designers for children over 5 years already divided into special series, which designed for girls or for boys. In data constructors the same building block, but significantly different characters and colors.

the constructors for boys traditionally dominated by masculine colors:

  • the dark shades of red;
  • blue
  • white;
  • black.

the boy Characters also:

  • aliens
  • robots
  • fire
  • the police
  • monsters.

In models for girls and pastel pink hues. And the characters are Pets and dolls.


7 - 9 years

as they grow, you can buy your child more and more interesting designers. The most popular ones that are always in great demand - are set for children aged seven to nine years. Among them you can find famous characters from cartoons and movies: "Star wars", "Batman", "Spiderman", "transformers" and others.


Over 12 years

the Constructors that are designed for children over twelve years old, referred to as "adults". It sets that differ a lot (400 pieces) and the high complexity of the Assembly. The usual theme of these designers are well-known TV series and films, as well as landmarks of world architecture (big Ben, Eiffel tower, statue of Liberty, etc.).

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