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If you decide to study a foreign language, initially give yourself a clear answer to the question: why do you need this? Depends on the amount of grammatical material and vocabulary that you will need to memorize. More detail about so we rassage Miller A. E. - the editor of the portal , which will become your reliable assistant in the study of a foreign language.


You travel to her husband

For example, you want to learn the language through the need at Pohang homeland nyneshnego or your future husband-the foreigner. There you will need to communicate with his friends and family, to learn the skills of living in another country, where all the polls are saying in a foreign language. From this it follows that you'd better the whole emphasis in learning new words to do for the family and household, everyday vocabulary. You will need to talk about: the health of children, prices in the store, the weather, also you will have to go shopping, use public transport, to know how to receive money to pay for communal services, to contact emergency services, etc. If learning from scratch , then to learn to speak at this level, often, enough for about forty hours. Over a period of time under the guidance of a teacher you can:

  • learn right at the initial stage, 3,000 - 4,000 words;
  • to understand how you can construct a simple interrogative and declarative sentences; to be able to apply basic tenses.


If a foreign language for career or professional growth or work abroad, in this case, the requirements will be more serious. Minimal vocabulary will be at least 20,000 words, the majority of these words will be associated with your position and profession. To learn a language you need from one hundred hours. Grammar rules will also include complex verb forms and sentences.



If you're just a tourist and just want to feel confident during your travel (when you need to talk to someone in his language), then the task is simplified. In this case you can determine what depth of knowledge you need.


Need money for independent studying of a foreign language

  • Textbook. You should look at the label and read who it was he recommended. The 1st tutorial, its better to choose the one where it says tips for those who are learning the language of their own ;
  • Learn the initial stage of learning the language. Choose the theme that best suits your order: your profession, travel or everyday General vocabulary;
  • Keeping notes. Be sure to take notes in the outline, write here everything what you want to memorize: write down the rules, draw plates and their comments to the learned;
  • Dictionary. Choosing a dictionary, use the following approach: initially read, flip through and check that people understand you, whether it is convenient for teaching and what is written in it;
  • a Personal notebook-dictionary. In this dictionary you need to collect new words, and do it better.

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