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foreign language, how to learn a language

In principle, you can learn a language without putting too much effort - to learn how to read a foreign language, you need to read, if you want to write in a foreign language, you need to write. No other way. You can not learn to ride a bike, sitting in a chair or to swim lying on the sand. So here - you need to completely dip into a foreign language.

foreign language, how to learn a languageAnd you can dip into either by yourself or in a group, or with a tutor. Only when selecting a tutor, you need to avoid amateurs (and it is not easy - because there are so many amateurs now). The most important criterion - a tutor must get talking you. Those teacher is bad, who forces his students to do the exercises only from the textbook. Your lessons have to be intense - with listening comprehensions, talking, test. If you decide to study language on your own, then its very important - not breaking anything, or afterwards you will need to learn everything from the beginning. My friend once told me her method of learning English language: "First I will learn vocabulary by heart, and then I'll be able to speak freely - in fact i will know all the words". I think its needless to say, that she did not work out? Language is not a set of individual words, but a whole set of grammatical and lexical structures, phrases, etc. Therefore it is necessary to read more on the target language - and you will learn a lot of new and interesting phrases. Self study of vocabulary and grammar - will not lead you to something good. самостоятельное изучение иностранного языкаAlso, do not memorize all unknown words while reading. It's tiring. Simply enough to write interest to you phrases to notebook and repeat them from time to time. If we are talking about the errors, I just want to say you: "there are no people unable to learn the language". I am sure that there are no! I've heard that teachers can say: "You are not able to learn languages!" for their disciples, in which nothing comes out. But, be sure that, they justify their own laziness. After all, no teacher can and want to admit that he can teach his pupil anything. You're talking in Russian? This means that you will have no problems with a foreign language. If you're bored, and nothing comes out, all falls out of your hands, then take a break, or radically change your tactics in language learning.
Education AbroadThe ideal method of learning a foreign language is an education abroad. It is suitable for students who want to speak a foreign language perfectly. So abroad you are totally dipped into life, history and culture of the indigenous inhabitants. After falling into language environment, you begin to quickly develop communication skills directly with native speakers of this language and to easy deal with the language barrier. Also completed education abroad you immediately become a very demanded specialist not only in Russia, but all over the world. The diploma will give you a sample of world to get a job in any country.
foreign language, how to learn a languageYou can also go to the foreign language courses, which provide high-quality services that are aimed at developing your skills, written and oral communication in a foreign language. The most popular now are English courses. In Moscow, prices start from 400 rubles per lesson. The advantage of course before learning of foreign languages yourself at home - it is an opportunity to study in a group with other people, so you can form the communication skills, hear yourself on the part, visually see your interlocutor, etc. Also you will learn the language under the control of experienced instructors which will help you to correct your mistakes, "put" correct pronunciation for your, etc. While studying abroad is available only to chosen, practically anyone can sign up for courses.
What to choose: education abroad, courses or self-study depend on available to you money and the desired result.

Finally I will give you a couple tips:

  • Never be afraid of information. It happens: when you turning on a radio, you do not understand anything. Then just listen to it. Get used to the sound of the language, its intonation. It is best to find interesting you radio waves. The same applies to reading. Select only the newspapers, books and magazines that really interest you. And don't try to memorize all. Also is good if you read that book you have previously read in Russian.
  • Its better to study less, but longer. Most likely it will be nothing good, if you will allocate 30 minutes a day to learn the language. Its better to study 2 times a week, but for 2-3 hours. Although it depends on the person. You need to experiment and find the option that is right for you. The main thing - do not torture yourself.
  • View your favorite movies (cartoons). Almost any DVD disc has a version of the film on its original language. Just think - it's really cool to hear the real voices of Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis or... You should develop grammar gradually. Do not run after all at once. It is better to know one thing well, than to have just an idea of everything.
  • Do not be afraid your accent. Big deal accent. Its much worse if your pronunciation sounds like a parody. The naturalness is better then all parodies. To make the perfect pronunciation, just listen more. But do not copy the intonations.
  • Do only that, what interests you. This is the main advice!
  • If you like the book - then read, movies - then look, to chat on Skype - then chat. Do everything that you like. But remember, if you're bored - then you are doing something wrong. The main thing do not be afraid!
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