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solar flares, geomagnetic storm

All have become accustomed to  solar flares. And the appeal of beautiful girl in the weather forecast for heart patients, which should be careful in the next two days does not surprise flares But solar flares appeared, passed, but the death rate of the population did not increase from this. Although its probably no one led such statistics. There are statistics of astronomical observations, which has serious data both in terms of time and accuracy.  So on the basis of these data, all flashs are different. Approximately every hundred years solar storms descend on the Earth. This phenomenon is not only dangerous for cardiac patients, but for all life on Earth. solar flares, geomagnetic stormWe are not talking about the destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth, what will lead to the death all living beings. The earth revolves around the sun billions of years, and nothing happens. And humanity, in fact, has not changed for thousands of years and only in the last 150 years so changed their way of life, that the phenomenon of a solar storm adopted threatening character. For example in 1859, erupted the most powerful geomagnetic storm, which was called the "The Carrington Event" or Solar Super Storm.
solar flares, geomagnetic stormBritish astronomer Richard Carrington saw a big flash on the Sun with a coronal mass ejection and almost next day on Earth, began a major of the registered geomagnetic storms. The northern lights were seen all over the world , and ыгср undeveloped technological systems, as telegraph which at the time were in Europe and North America - broke down and caused fires. In 1921 and 1960, not so strong, but sufficiently powerful solar flares have led to disruptions in radio communication. NASAThe National Academy of Sciences of the USA in 2008, has warned about the threat to national security of such solar activity, as The Carrington Event. Loss of communication, violation of the navigation of spaceships grouping, the destruction of power systems due to the appearance of surface charges on transformers, high-voltage and low-voltage networks, pipelines. NASA project Solar ShieldTherefore, NASA joined the project, called "Solar Shield", which will minimize losses from unexpected heat stroke. Supposed to protect the most important energy objects in the U.S., so it has not turned as in 13 March 1989 in Quebec, when a less powerful solar storm than the Carrington Event was violated vital activity in the province for nine hours.  NASA project Solar ShieldThen solar storm, because of the appearance of surface charges on high-power lines increased load on the system by  approximately 940 MW of 21.350 MW used. On the same day in the six high-voltage lines in Sweden, voltage jump caused numerous shutdowns with the failure of transformers.
solar flares, geomagnetic stormProtection on the objects provides at the right time a readiness of power equipment to sharp voltage jump.
And innovation of "Solar Shield" lies in the fact, that while coronal mass ejection - images, which are transmitted from three NASA spacecrafts will make the 3D-model and thus indicate the time of solar storms on the Earth. The time of warning about appearance of such solar storm is reduced from 2 days to 30 minutes, this will allow to rebuild relay protection on main distribution substations beforehand and thus provide safety of the equipment, and its uninterrupted work. NASA project Solar ShieldThe experiment is under way, but check the quality of "Solar Shield" will be available only in 2012 or 2013. According to the Research Institute of Electricity (EPRI).
The data are taken from an article by dr. Tony Phillips.

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