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1. Felt pen.

felt pensLarge number of varieties of tools for writing, drawing, painting are called felt pens. All the felt pens consist of a case, inside of which is located porous "feeder", impregnated with inks which through the capillaries penetrate into the pencil tube.
The rods and feeders are made from a variety of materials. Depending on the materials rods have different hardness and durability, and feeders with different easiness give the inks.
Its desirable to choose the tool for drawing by practical consideration, selecting "by eye" and "at hand".
Spirituous felt pens differ with water resistance and are also called permanent. The main p art of the artistic techniques is applicable only to felt pens with water-based inks.
felt pensIn addition to the type of solvent of inks, felt pens are divided into a large number of types, depending on their destination.
Easily washable inks and sometimes food dyes, instead of ink are the p art of children's felt pens. Moreover, they must be provided with vented cap and bodies are made trihedral. The rods of children's felt pens are made thick, so the lines were maximally expressive with little effort.
Because the basic requirements to inks in children's felt pens are safety and easy removability, but they are not good enough for artistic purposes.
felt pens Felt pens with "disappearing" and "magic" inks are also unsuitable for artworks. And the first and the second effect are achieved through the interaction of pigment inks of the coloring felt pen with substances which dis color it or change the color. These felt pens, as well as felt pens with glitter, are good only for decorative purposes, that don't require a large durability of pattern.
Modern industry p roduces two types of felt pens. Ink of one felt pens is based on the volatile solvents (alcohols), and others are based on the water.
Felt pens for aerography draw very interesting, blowing out the inks from them. They can be used at small works as a real airbrush.

2. Pencils.

PencilsIn the visual arts are used both simple and color graphite pencils.
Color pencils are divided by type of lead. Pastel plays a role of lead in pastel pencil. Because crayons of dry pastel by themselves is enough rude instrument, then pastel pencil, having a harder and sharper lead, allows you to handle small p arts in pastel works.
PencilsLead of water color pencil is thinly grated pigment, identical to that, which is used in water colors, with the use of water soluble binder. Water color pencil can be used as independent material and can be blured by water. After the blurring drawing is similar to the work with water colors. In addition, with the same pencil are drawn the small p arts in water color works, thus avoiding the mixed technique. Also are p roduced ​​permanent color pencils and pencils with multi colored lead.
Most widespread color pencil has a lead, made ​​of pressed pigmentary powder with the addition of wax-like substances. Depending on the amount of waxy binder, pencil becomes more or less solid.

3. Palette.

palette Palette is needed to use felt pen's inks, as water colors. Special palette for these purposes is not required, a flat porcelain plate without picture can well come up for this.
Paper drafts are used, for testing of the pencils or felt pens colors.


spongeGreat tool for applying or, on the contrary, for gathering of water. Sponge can also be used as a stamp.

pulverizerPulverizer are used to wet the paper and for artistic technique "splashing".

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