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Teacher... So much in one word! Someone imagines desk, blackboard, lesson. For some - the teacher is an example to follow, an example of persistence and extensive knowledge. Teacher, boardSomeone sees in teacher a great psychologist, who can understand the difficult life situations, help to find a solution. And for somebody teacher is a mentor, the philosopher, who takes over a person's life, putting him on the right path.
I would like to stop on the last one. When I think about the teacher, in my imagination appears boundless picture of nobleness and hard work. Teacher is not just a profession, occupation. Teacher is an art. Art to be those man, who you would like to see your students. The art of magnanimity and sincerity, pure loveas as to disciples, as to all mankind, which needs enlightenment and education.
Teacher, boardFrom ancient times was adopted to teach children sciences, art/"> art from an early age. That, what parents gave for their own child, always combined with that, he received from the teacher. And its not necessary, that this teacher was a teacher by profession. He can be anyone, but unselfish help in teaching, and desire to teach assign a person this proud title.
What about the character, what should be a teacher? There is only one image for me personally. Kindness and genuine love for his own work - that is what elevates teachers over other kinds of activities. Uncompromising desire to help people. Uncompromising desire to help people. to teach, to give knowledge, after all to develop person, as an individual!
board, teacher, lesson, children, classAs I mentioned, for me, the most attractive is the image of the teacher- mentor. He not only tries to fill the human cognition, but also makes a great thing: places a person on the right path, helping him to choose his own way. Both the child and the adult are always interested in the eternal question: what to do and what you should not. Teacher- mentor must appear before the disciples in the form of the educator, who knows a lot about the true life position.
Teacher, boardOn whole life, my teachers will remain significant for me. Primary school teacher, class teachers in middle and senior level, subject teachers, my coach. They all have made a huge contribution to my formation, as a person. Even in those moments when I didn't do my lessons and received remarks, I have never held a grudge against the teacher. I felt guilt and desire to become better. Teacher, the lesson of physical culture, physical education teacherThanks to my teachers, not friends, and even parents, I was able to choose the right way, a path on which I can stand to feel the full flavor of life. I will miss the teaching staff of our school, but I'm sure that I will not forget about their merits and will certainly visit them according to my capabilities.
Teacher, board Teacher of life... He is aware, what you should done in a given situation. He is a good adviser. He is even allowed to criticize the student, but he agrees with the opinion of his wards. He allows to dispute his own opinion. He does not know everything, he learns himself, just like all of us, throughout the life. Teacher learns along with us. Exactly in such process of understanding and working together you can achieve harmony. You can touch the truth, because, as they say, its being born in the dispute. A dispute is a noble cause, a good teacher- mentor always supports students in dialogue and in solving the arisen disagreement.

TeacherEveryone can not master an art of being a teacher. Patient character is needed for this work, because nothing happens right away, development goes smoothly and gradually. Fortitude, courage and desire to help people are the main satellites in the work of teacher. Only a true altruist can take up this profession and do not retreat from his commitments to end.
In conclusion, I would like to say that as long as in our world will be a place for a teacher, we will making steps to improve ourselves and the entire human race, as a whole. And while we want to grow and develop, we are able to see and feel that kindness and that support, what we can get from a man of so beautiful, and incredibly deep profession as a teacher.

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    Clar - 22.12.2012, 01:28
    Thanks. After reading i have remmembered my first teacher. Great thanks for her.
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    Nisha - 4.01.2013, 04:26
    My teacher Jassy Horthon is the best teacher in the world.