Colors in the interior

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Colors in the interior

When we talk about the interior colors, often we use the representation: like or dislike. Colors of interior which surround us affect the human psyche, can cause positive or negative emotions.

Chromatics - the science, formed during the development of the concept of "color wheel". Try to imagine a circle with four directions, with concentrated green, blue, red and yellow colors in pure form. When moving from one color to another, occurs the change of shader: the red color during the transition to the yellow color becomes orange. These colors are called contrasting.

There are also familial contrasting colors and simple family colors. Related colors are located in one quarter of our circle. There are only four kinds of related colors: green-yellow, blue-green, blue-red, yellow-red.

color wheel

Familial contrast colors. Are located in two adjacent quarters of our circle and have one main color.

There are four kinds of familial contrasting colors:

- Green-yellow and yellow-red;
- Blue-green and green-yellow;
- Red-blue and blue-green;
- Yellow-red and red-blue.

Contrasting colors are in opposite quadrants of the circle. The human eye is able to immediately see a combination of both, since they are most active. These colors are used in places where it is necessary to focus the viewer's attention. There are also cases of three-color harmony. In this case for two colors the third main color is added.

Black and white combinations - where the color with the same name have different saturation and lightness. For example, the gray color is more effective in combination with white and black. On a light background, as you know, all the colors look darken, on a dark background - lighter. It is not recommended to overload the room with colors, just add two or three colors and several of their shades. It also takes into account individual characteristics of the owner and the nature of the room. For example, in the dining room and kitchen is more appropriate "warm" range of colors, which create a domesticity and comfort. For child's room fit more soft and rich colors.

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