How to choose a summer camp?


With thousands of summer camps that are available today, the task to find a suitable for your child can be incredibly difficult. Therefore, we next turn to the main points we should pay attention when choosing a summer camp for your child, and will tell us about this employee of a summer camp for children in Odessa "Old Time": .


Decide what type of camp fits your child best

There are many different types of camps (e.g., same-sex, joint, residential, day, multidisciplinary, specialized), which have a different mission. So first decide what type of camp would be best for your child. For example, if she doesn't want to sleep away from home, it is best to enroll her in day camp.



Summer camps located in different geographic regions. You can narrow down your search, determine whether there are certain places that you would like your child to attend.


How to start searching for summer camps?

One of the best resources available to you - the parents who have already chosen a camp for their children. Talk with your child's friends, to the parents whom you trust. In addition, most camps have websites with useful information about the services they offer to their visitors. It may be useful to use search engines, for example, the same Google.


Key questions to ask the Directors of the camp

once you have determined summer camps suitable for your child, it is important that you know the people who run these institutions. When you enroll your child in summer camp, you trust the head of the institution, the protection of the physical, emotional and social well-being of your offspring.

the camp Director needs to take very seriously this responsibility, and you should be satisfied with the philosophy of the camp, which controls their actions. It is important that you were pleased with the maturity and judgment of Directors. Here are a few questions worth asking:

  • What is the philosophy of education at your camp?
  • How long the camp runs the current leadership?
  • What is the ratio of the number of visitors and staff?
  • does the honey. the staff at the camp?
  • Return whether the visitors of the camp from year to year?
  • What types of activities are there at camp?
  • What is a typical day in the camp?
  • How does the camp recruit?
  • How old counselor?


do Not hesitate to ask the camp's leaders, the names of parents whose children had a rest in this institution. These parents will become for you an invaluable resource when deciding the suitability of this camp for your child.


Visiting camp

to See a camp live is the best way to experience camp life! If possible, try to arrange an excursion in the summer. If you can't visit it in summer, ask whether you can visit the camp when it does not work.

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