The use of formic acid in various industries


One of the most commonly used chemicals in industry is formic acid (for more details, please read about it on the website ). In the quantities in which it is normally found in nature it is not sufficient for all applications in which it is used. As a result, most of it is created chemically. It is used in many industries, and what we will consider next.

Garment industry

Formic acid has a very high concentration of acid, that is, it is severely diluted before use as pesticides and food preservatives, but it is highly acidic property found its application in the garment industry. It helps in the production and manufacture of leather, as well as providing invaluable assistance to the textile industry in the creation and staining fabrics.

Rubber industry

Rubber usually found half frozen, and it must be processed. As a result, it is melted and purified before he will again be transformed into various shapes and products. So he again froze, formic acid is used as coagulant, making it an important factor in the creation of various rubber products.

Road construction

Actively used formic acid and in road construction. Although it is not used in its natural form, formates, are its salts, are used in order to make the roads safer and less slippery. Working better than regular salt for greater grip, they also are best for the environment.


Although formic acid and is used as a preservative for pesticides, as it has very high antibacterial properties, it is also used in dietary supplements and added to animal feed to provide additional antibacterial support, prolonging the shelf life of the finished product and adding nutritional value.

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