How to preserve a bouquet of flowers?

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Flowers are a wonderful gift, we all know. But how it is unpleasant, when on the following day bouquet fades and goes in the trash. How to extend the life of flowers up to several days? Consult with an expert.

How to cut flowers?

Few people know, but there is an optimal time of harvesting of the flower, talking about the cycle of flowering. Each species it's different. Only experienced florists know when to cut the flower, so he stood there in the water the maximum time.
the Mechanism of cutting is also very important: depending on varieties using different tools and special technology of incision.

keep flowers in the store?

the Optimum temperature for storage and transport the key to the safety of the flower. Large online stores can afford special facilities for storage and transport specially equipped for safe transportation.

Ordering the bouquet to a trusted online flower shop you can not worry about the quality of highly skilled personnel observe all rules in the vase life, storage and shipping. The flowers you get fresh and fragrant. Your task is to extend their life as long as possible.

How to extend the life of flowers at home?

Secrets shared professional florist ( Elena:

the Most common mistake when receiving the bouquet immediately put it in water and forget for a few days. The time is not the best one to fuss with flowers, I understand, but proper preparation before getting into a vase will take you 5 minutes, and extend the life of the bouquet will help for a few days.

  • the flower Stalk should be cut an inch with a sharp knife at a slight angle. It is desirable to avoid contact between the cut surface of a flower with air. For this I recommend to cut the plant right in the water.
  • Pour cold water into the vase and put in her bouquet. Desirable to put the vase in a Sunny place or to the heat source, the cooler the colors more comfortable. But in any case, do not freeze the bouquet! This flowers is also afraid.
  • the water in the vase should be changed every day. The procedure with undercut stem also need to repeat daily.

life-hack about roses

Roses can month to delight you with its beauty and fragrance. For this I recommend to give them night baths . Type night the bathtub with cold water and immerse the bouquet there. In the morning, remove the flowers, trim them and bring them in a vase. The flowers will look fresh and rested as a girl after a trip to the SPA .

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