Russian banya

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Russian banya

Heat me a banya... on white... Of course, Vladimir Semenovich singing not so, but also the theme of his song was a bit different. We'll talk about the healing properties of the Russian banya, known to our ancestors from ancient times, who actively use its ability to bind a variety of diseases. Russian banya is extremely popular not only in our country. It is no wonder that many foreign tourists want to visit a Russian banya, but not elite, a village, built of logs, with a stove-heater.

 We start by saying that a regular visits to banya significantly affects the appearance of man. Procedures that the skin is exposed in the steam room, clear it of bacteria, helping to open up the pores, remove dead pieces of epidermis and saturate the top layer of skin with moisture. In addition  the blood vessels markedly enlarges in banya and a man who came out of the steam room, looks rosy and rejuvenated.

Another useful feature of the Russian banya - elimination of toxins and impurities. Through the sweat glands as a result of high temperature and high moisture during one visit to the the steam room output up to 1,5 liters of fluid. In this increased sweating is lied beneficial effect of banya procedures. In addition, visiting of the banya, is a great way to lose a weight without using a grueling diets. Moreover, burns not only fat but also harmful cholesterol. Needless to say, even how it is useful for blood vessels and heart.

One of the striking and very useful effects of the Russian banya is a sharp change of temperature from very high to very low. We are talking about jumping into the cool pool after a maximum heating in the steam room. In Siberia, this procedure is transformed into a rather extreme attraction - swimming in the snow. These contrasting temperature changes activate the body's defenses and increase its immunity.

Experiencing at at least one time all the healing power of Russian banya, you will understand how our ancestors maintain their health at the proper level without using diplomaed experts and expensive drugs.

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