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Washing with cold water


Washing with cold water

Washing with cold water invigorates very well in the morning, but also has negative consequences. The cold water causes constriction of surface vessels and the outflow of blood from the skin, as well as reducing the activity of the sweat and sebaceous glands, which leads to reduction of sweat and fat on the skin surface. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and appears laxity.

Practical observations confirm that the constant washing with cold water in the morning and the evening leads to paleness and dryness of the skin, and eventually to the appearance of wrinkles. Unfortunately, women notice these changes too late.

Harden face skin, by equating it to the skin of the body, it is not wisely, because the face is under the constant influence of the contrasting environment. In contrast to the body that is getting younger from the cold water, the skin on the face becomes prone to premature aging of this hardening. Dry skin by washing with cold water suffers even more, quite quickly it starts to peel off, and these changes occur even in young people.

Washing with cold water is especially harmful to facial skin in the winter. Chilled and dry skin freezes very easy. That's why when you use a cream containing water, beauticians recommend to apply it on face for half an hour before going outside with a thin layer, to avoid overcooling the skin, which leads to its dryness. In the cold season in the morning should wash with water of room temperature. It is advisable to apply the fatty cream. It makes sense to perform self-massage for dry and flabby skin.

Proper skin care helps to improve its elasticity and increased resistance to various external factors. Such care is totally eliminates peeling and reduces dryness.

In the warm season, washing with cold water refreshes any skin. You can even add the pieces of ice to the water. Warm air contributes to a rush of blood, which means washing with cold water will not have a negative impact.

The application of ice, contrasting washing or washing with cold water is not recommended before bedtime, as these procedures have a stimulating effect and can disrupt a sleep.

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