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Heartburn is a fairly common problem that can not only adversely affect the quality of life, but can also provoke serious consequences. Heartburn - a feeling of discomfort, extending upward from the pit of the stomach. It is manifested as a rule, from time to time, however, it is possible to stop or minimize the frequency of its occurrence.

  Chew a chewing gum after eating. During this procedure the saliva production will be stimulated (bicarbonate neutralizes acid), and after a while activates motility. Add to the your own diet more foods rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts and cereals).

Exclude tomato and citrus juices from the list of consumed drinks (they have the annoying property), carbonated water (increased acid secretion), alcoholic drinks and coffee. Always drink a glass of water after the meal: thus gastric acid will be diluted with water and washed into the stomach.

Limit the intake of fatty foods, as it remains in the stomach for a long time. It is also not recommended to overeat: a large amount of food in the stomach increases the likelihood of heartburn.

After eating do not take the horizontal position for three or four hours, because it contributes to the movement of stomach acid to the lower alimentary sphincter. If in a given period you will be standing or sitting, the force of gravity will helps the stomach to keep food where it is needed.

To neutralize the acids of gastric juice drink ant acids, which contains calcium, aluminum and magnesium: they are completely safe (even pregnant can take them). Ant acids that contain phosphate are ineffective.

Also, you can stop heartburn using a special fluid. To prepare it, you need to dissolve a pinch of baking soda in 200 grams of warm water and add there a little bit of lemon juice. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together and drink a ready fluid.

Carbon powder is a very effective remedy for heartburn. Take it and drink down with plenty of water, and heartburn, annoying you, will disappear without a trace.

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