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pregnancy 1 month Its happiness to be pregnant. Feeling of pregnancy overshadows physical illness and anxiety of the first months. Pregnancy - a vivid example of your fertility, the transition to a new phase of love and intimate life.
So, lets gradually look at what happens with the body every month, since  conceiving until birth.
First - second monthpregnancy 2 monthyour body begins to change, but you do not feel this. In early pregnancy, you feel activity, heaviness and fatigue. You'll be feeling that your breasts become more sensitive, nipples will swell and darken. Morning may be nausea after taking food.
Third month. pregnancy 3 monthIf the first two months was not nausea and vomiting, then over these months you will gain 1.3 kg - that's 10% of the total weight, which is expected at the end of pregnancy. The optimal increase is 2 kg.
The size of the uterus is as a large orange. The figure will be rounded, its time to think about free clothes. You begin to react strongly to smells, you can be pull on the sour, salty, sweet. Often changes the mood. It is also very important during the first trimester of pregnancy to abstain sex, because there is a risk of miscarriage.
Fourth month. pregnancy 4 monthThe uterus is rapidly increasing and is already clear that belly is rounded. The skin is pigmented, darkens the middle line of the belly. During this period, you will feel better, and the sexual life is returning to normal. By the end of four months, you may be feeling fetal movement such as vibration.
Fifth month. pregnancy 5 monthMothers weight increases approximately of 0.5-1.0 kg per week. You feel a surge of strength, improves skin and hair, the nails become brittle. Your pregnancy is already becoming visible, navel is smoothed and even protrudes slightly. There may be a secretions. The colostrum is released from the breast. You may have breathlessness during fetal movements, it is associated with the fact that there is no enough place in the chest. Also the lower ribs may ache, as they little bit diverged of the size of the fetus.
Sixth month. pregnancy 6 monthYou may have a sweating, belly more and more increases. In legs is felt tension. This is explained by the increase of body weight. May appear convulsions, heartburn, back pain. Because of the pressure of the uterus on the bladder you start going to the toilet more often. To the end of the sixth month the fetus weighs 800 g, and has a length of 36 cm...
Seventh month. pregnancy 7 monthThe optimal body weight increase in the seventh month is 9 kg. Also oblong red spots may appear at the bottom of the belly. When appear weak contractions of the uterus - its a sign of pathology. Can be heartburn, disorders and cramps of stomach. The fetus quite strongly presses on the diaphragm of the stomach, so you feel the heavyness in the bottom of the belly. Try to walk less and rest more.
Eighth month. pregnancy 8 monthRecommended to stop working and to devote yourself for preparing for the childbirth.  At this moment the hands and feet swell, so often rest with putting you feet above the level of the body. Diverge pelvic bones, while this is felt some discomfort. Often there is a state of depression and fear of childbirth. This is a natural!
Ninth month. pregnancy 9 monthThe baby's head is already sank, the uterus is already less presses on the diaphragm and stomach, so disorders and heartburn are now rare. From this moment the child can be born at any time. Often before birth women feel a surge of energy. In the area of pubis, groin or middle of the legs may appear dull pain. Up to 40 weeks, you can lose weight, it is a sign that in the next 10 days, you must to give birth.
I wish you all an easy pregnancy and childbirth - good luck!

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