The Nutcracker ballet will be staged at the Bolshoi theatre

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This ballet is known to the whole world and brought glory to the Russian school. The plot is the tale of Hoffmann "the Mouse king". After reading it, the then Director of the Imperial theatres Volzhskiy decided to create the ballet. This man, who looked like he was the only official, gave the world community the opportunity to witness this creation. He was a sensitive person who strongly and aggressively pursuing goals. And he wanted to create a whole Grand stage action, extravaganza of Opera and ballet art. The composer invited the genius of Tchaikovsky, which was inspired by this idea and in a short time he composed beautiful music for the libretto. However, with the choreography so quickly all failed. The entire program had to deal with Marius Petipa, but suddenly for health reasons, was forced to resign. And then hastily all passed into the hands of choreographer Lev Ivanov.

the ballet made a splash and became the visiting card of our country. It has been staged so many times. And today he will again be presented at the Bolshoi theatre in the Christmas holidays. This masterpiece combines childish innocence and philosophical approach, that it's very different from all other productions. And during the Christmas holidays each disposed on the atmosphere of miracles, which gives this work. is a wonderful gift to the public in early 2018. Because this creation won the hearts of different generations of spectators and still much to conquer.

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