What you need to choose svom Grushki children?

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Most of today's parents want to buy their detyam Grushko contribute to the development of the child. So often give mosaics, designers, sets for children's creativity, and in the meantime the children are attracted to dolls. All of this can be found on the website.

What Grushki and need to buy children from 3 years?

Psychologists advise to prefer toys that pomogayut child to model her privacy. After three years of a child and need Grushko will help it to play in the family, in a profession, in a fairy tale. It can be dollhouses, set for the puppet theater. Something that you can go with the doll for a walk, « cook » lunch, swim toys, and the like. For Aggro Bursts fit soldiers, sports equipment, children's arms. For self-expression and the development of creative imagination of designers buy, dice, board games, clay, mosaic, needlework kits.

Up to three years, boys and girls need the same and Grushki - dolls, cubes, pyramids, cars. A Barbie advised Gen.upat for school-age girls, they gradually begin to feel their femininity. The child develops, putting into play something different. Therefore, experts do not recommend to give the child and Grushki mechanized or robotic, programmed, and whose actions are limited.


KEach Member baby, believe teachers should have a toy-mate. It will be your little boy or a little daughter to go to bed together, drink bitter medicine for a walk. On her child may take offense at the time where the angle of throw, then to a minute to recall the toy grief differently, and feel sorry for her to repair. Psychologists advise to never make a child withvoimi hands and I throw the old Grushki.

The parents have to choose not only the quality and Grushki, but also those which correspond to the child's age, because what was interesting baby in two years, it is unlikely to take him five. On the contrary, something with which the child can easily sort out later in life, will not cause inteResa, say, a baby who has just one year. However, the toy can be any subject that is close at hand, such as a leaf or a common thread, not just dolls and cars from the shop.

What emotions should call the child's toy?

The toy should call the child's emotions, prezhde all positive sense of beauty. Choosing her mother or father have intuitively feel that their child will like it. The kid can tell his parents that he wants. It is necessary to play, the child is not only learning, but also to have fun and feel happy.

In particular, the year before the child well,zhny and Grushki rattle to develop auditory, tactile and visual perception. They should be of different sizes, colors and from different materials. With this baby gradually realize that there are small and large objects, wood, metal or plastic.

Toys for toddlers up to three years is desirableon the fly with no children, because the store the child may like the fact that it is not suitable and would be difficult to refuse.   If the child is older, but the store is too big a choice, parents also better to make a purchase on their own, but we need to pay attention to the wishes of her son or daughter. Now in the shops and markets can be seen yete and Grushko even an adult is difficult to understand what is the character and what its purpose.

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