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The corporation Apple, formerly Apple Computer, Inc, is a transnationalCorporation, which produces consumer electronics, software, and commercial servers. Apple was founded in Cupertino, California, April 1, 1976, and incorporated January 3, 1977 are not founders Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne.

In developing the marketing project, the following methods:

  • statistics;
  • Mathematical Economics;
  • graphics;
  • analysis and synthesis;
  • table;
  • monitoring and the like.

The company stands firmly on his feet, compared with this year. The actual model number of the manufacturer - really bright and successful products:from professional laptops to budget desktops. Also very popular iPod players and mobile phones iPhone, tablets. The company has a very extensive distribution network, which indicates a significant activity of the international marketing strategy. Today, there are 251 official representative of Apple in 10 countries.The official representation of the clients have the opportunity to buy the company's products, get the necessary consultation, to pass training courses, such as in the offices of the service center operates. Now Apple official representation exists even in Russia (since 2007), but, unfortunately, not in Ukraine. But now, in our countryIt is the official distributor of Apple - the company iProV Overall, the company employs 35,100 staff, and profit per employee is equal to 1,146 million US dollars.

Features of the Company

Overall, the company used its own internal strengths to overcome their internals weaknesses. Many customers are loyal to the company and Apple will not be thinking about buying similar products from other companies. The existence of such loyalty is a very good indicator, but Apple still requires an increase in the number of loyal customers who will buy the products Apple. This company manufactures and designs compupanthers and operating systems. Apple is the only company that manufactures computers and operating systems together.

Apple's sales over the Internet complement its 251 official points of sale in 10 countries. Apple aims to carry its customers to buy on the Internet, to carry out better monitoring andndividualnyh purchases. And the new point of sale, is also likely to increase sales and improve the level of customer service. But Apple still needs to improve its management system, marketing, increase its marketing destiny and its influence on the world market, to have a better competitive position in the industry.

What is the official distributor of Apple's operating in Ukraine?

Currently in Ukraine there is only one official distributor of the company Apple - the company iPro. She sells Apple products and technical support. But customers of Apple in Ukraine, awaiting the arrival of the official representativein our country. Primarily due to the fact that this may lead to lower prices for Apple products in our market, as the direct sale will be carried out.

What benefits can get the company itself from Apple entering the Ukrainian market:

  • Implementation of direct sales;
  • Open the sale of goods and services through the Internet iTunes store in Ukraine.

Without official representation in the country can not carry out any sales through the online store iTunes; of paid computer training courses and seminars.

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