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Today taxi - it's the same kind of self-sufficient publicof transport as bus, trolley buses, trams, subway, etc. In comparison with the above-mentioned modes of transport, taxis has much higher comfort and mobility, but also have to pay for it several times more expensive. Another difference from the traditional forms of public transport is the lack of a fixed rate trips thatd varies depending on the distance and time of day.

This is precisely one of the stumbling blocks on the road to regular use of taxi services. After all, taxi drivers, in fact quite a lot, and the license (official), many who simply do not have, therefore billing occurs as the driver wants. DTo that bring the activities of taxi drivers and to the legal framework to protect the rights of clients, as well as significantly increase the volume of activity, the operators of taxi companies are implementing specialized programs of business automation.

One of these is the software "Taxi". This automated tompleks business focused precisely on the taxi service, which allows you to optimize the time and cost to perform basic tasks. This system builds a clear logical chain of the relationship between the head of the service, dispatchers, drivers and customers. It includes the following components:

  • GPS taximeter. Allows perfect to accurately calculate the cost of travel given the distance, and a simple fare;
  • message telephones;
  • System Monitoring;
  • sharing system orders;
  • Automaticesky selection of drivers;
  • mapping, statistical and other modules.

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