Novokosino - eastern district of Moscow


Novokosino – is one of the Easterndistricts of Moscow, which is   on the site of the historic village of Krutitsy, which once belonged to Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, better known in history as the father of Tsar Peter I. autocrat This village has been on both sides of the highway Nosovihinskoe.

In the old days in this village was the farm, which forNima breeding of crops and animals. Construction area was launched in 1986. Was close to the river. This name appeared thanks to the village Koshino. The village was very well known at the time Baba midwife, which is stored in his chest winds.

And now this area is often faced with the forcesnymi winds and snow in the winter. At this point, after some years, this area is called Novokosino. This area is located in the Eastern Administrative District. well-suited for the whole family. There is a pharmacy, shops, kindergartens, schools, clinics, schools and other infrastructure. Area fortakes 350 hectares with a population of approximately 90,000 people.

The area has a beautiful street with green trees and flowers, near the metro station and bus routes. Since 2000, produced   local newspaper and several promotional publications. Novokosino considered a densely populated area of ??Moscow. Also clavitsya this area a popular children's music school. Joseph Haydn, opened in 1945. Very good sports schools and complexes. And in 2012, was opened metro station Novokosino.

Very nice and   an unusual area of ??the city, perfectly suitable for living and recreation.

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