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Today man is also hard to imagine without a computer, as well as without a mobile tThe phones. Technical progress is firmly entrenched in our lives and this will not change. Naturally, this is an indicator of the development of society, but quite often the man himself becomes a victim of their own knowledge and skills. In that manner, perhaps more to say about weapons (literally), however, computers despite its obvious benefits, not the samee so white and fluffy as it seems.

  1. First, we must clearly understand the operation of the computer, namely, that all the necessary information for understanding, we see on the screen;
  2. Second, and as a result, long sitting in front of monitor inevitably leads to the fact that Mr.Starting the eye problems.

And here is not so important that modern monitors are much safer than their ancestors interrupters. Anyone who is aware of the risk, but refuse to work can not definitely be looking for a way to somehow protect themselves in this regard. And here just do not bithout special computer glasses. By the way, if you need a great store of branded points: Any points for computers (or, more precisely, for monitors) must fulfill three basic functions:

  • eye protection from excessive operator fatigue;
  • prevention, etc.oyavleniya syndrome of "dry eye", which appears as a result of that person before the screen stops blinking, thereby moisturizing eyeball;
  • control of color and contrast of the image.

The choice of points should be based on criteria such as most ofstrebovat type of tasks themselves and style points.

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