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Rafael Pikardmarka founded Invicta brand watches in 1837. The company gradually began to producetheir goods, but now it has become very popular throughout Europe. The original design and 100% quality of these watches have won millions of fans. No wonder, the very word Invicta s Latin translates as "invincible". This watch is in the real world there are extraordinary. In addition, they are of good quality, we can buy them at bargain prices. Mr. Dana companyand the market for nearly 2 centuries.

During this time they have already experienced the emergence of quartz watches, but most importantly, what they did not stop there. First   Americans bought the company and extended the manufacture of these magnificent hours. Since the beginning of its existence marketing company. So, watch this brand conqueror Canada, the US, and then reached and Europe.

Total production Invicta released 20 inclusive collections, including porty models, which are made of water-resistant materials. Now there is a clock that is decorated with precious stones. Of all the models of Invicta, you can always opt for a uniqueth and unusual. Today Invicta - a very popular brand that is known for bold style and truly Swiss quality. By the way, in Ukraine Invicta watch can be bought at online store:. Here you can choose yourself exactly the kind of hours, what you like the most. They have three types:

  1. Quartz hours - they are very comfortable and do not need the   manual recharging. Do not forget to keep an eye only for replacement batteries;
  2. Automatic Watches - they are automatically recharged and does not require batteries;
  3. Mechanical watches - is a clock that does not require batteries, theyyou need to start manually.

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