What is a peeler


The human body is designed in such a way that restoredNotices of vitality it needs to eat regularly. In foods contained virtually all the substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids), which are necessary for the maintenance and regulation of body functions. Of all the products that people consume, the largest group are the vegetables that are itsspeak freely, both as a main dish (vegetarian - it is generally the only acceptable products), and as a side dish.

The most common in our culture vegetables are used as ingredients in salads, components Borscheva set, as a component of various mixed dishes (stuffed cabbage, dumplings and so on.d.). Naturally, in order to start cooking vegetables any meal, they must first be cleaned of the upper layer and cut. Do it as quickly and efficiently possible, using as a working tool manual slicers. It's pretty functional hand tool, which, despite superficial neglect, ne so easily and choose. The fact that different vegetables have a different structure, and cutting means (cleaned) requires the use of different cutting tools. By the way, you can online store "desktop".

On the market today are three main types of manual slicer:

  • Knife vegetable cutter . Similar to the knife device having shortened pointed blade that is quite effective at cleaning potatoes, carrots, eggplant and other solid-state fruits and vegetables;
  • Y-shaped vegetable cutter . Has a characteristic shape and lateral blade derzhaks stainless steel or ceramics. Used for cleaning tomatoes, beets, squash, kiwi and so. P.;
  • Piller . Tool for dressing vegetables of different structure.

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