What is yoga?

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East has always been a country for the West puzzles and mysteries. Especially a lot of science fiction storys and legends spread about India, about the mysterious knowledge of the Indian sages, fakirs, saints and philosophers.

And in fact, quite a few of the facts has long been evidence that, apart from the different knowledge that imprinted in the ancient books in her scriptures, songs, legends, poems and myths, there is another Knowns, which is not can be learned from any book that is not disclosed to the public disclosure, but traces of which can be seen accurately.

One of the many meanings of the word "yoga" means - "right action».

Follow - it means a yoga under control their feelings, thoughts, internal and external traffic. - That is all the funktsii that work, without any control.

«Yogis" - is the name of those who act and live in accordance only with the "yoga". These are the people who are and have been a certain school, and live according to the rules, which are known only to them and incomprehensible to the uninitiated people.

There are many legends and bAsen of "yogis. Quite often say that it's just a mystique that leads to the contemplative life and indifference to clothes and pitaniyu.Inogda they believe those people who possess incredible powers and who are able to hear and see at a great distance, which is guilty of natural elements and all the animals. These abilities and powers acquiredwith the help of special exercises and techniques that make up the very yoga, yogis understand allow people to act properly and reasonably in all the circumstances and cases.

«Science of Yoga", and a lot of techniques that can be yogis, used for the development of extraordinary abilities and strength in himself comes from long antiquity. Even thousands of years calledhell of a lot of sages of ancient India by only experience came to this conclusion that all the manpower in various areas of its activity will be infinitely increased by a good and hard training, as well as to accustom the person to control the body, attention, intellect, will, desires and feelings.

In connection with the discovery in the ancient Indian sciencethe person was on quite incomprehensible to all of us level. This can be explained only by the fact that those schools that existed at that time, were directly related with certain esoteric schools.

«The Science of Yoga," or rather, the whole cycle of sciences of yoga, contains a description of the methods, which are adapted to various types of people, and so onakzhe different livelihoods through the explanation of the whole theory.

Each of the "science" that make up yoga, falls into such two parts: practical and theoretical.

The theoretical part and in whole cohesive form, without going into a completely unnecessary details, outlines all of the most basic principles and general provisions isthe subject.

The practical part teaches the best techniques and methods of preparation for the means and methods of the hidden powers and abilities in this area.

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