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Yoga for beginners

Do you want to learn yoga? Where to start? Just go to the fitness center and sign up for a yoga training for beginners.

Yoga for beginners unlike other training in yoga has some advantages: instructor will not tell you to sit to the splits right now, or curl up in a knot.

At the lessons for beginners instructor focuses on a detailed explanation of the work of your body in all asanas, on explanation of what exactly you should draw your attention: where to direct your attention, what should be your breath, etc.

yoga asanasIn order to successfully do it, as in any other activity, you need to learn some basis, ie to accumulate a certain initial shape. In the traditions of yoga we can identify the basic asanas, by studying which, then without effort you will be able to perform other - very difficult asanas.

To these asanas we can include the following: baddha konasanu (butterfly position), ardha shvanasanu mukha (face down dog pose), paschimottanasanu (pose of stretching the back surface of the body), uttanasanu (full stretching pose), sarpasanu (snake pose) and a few others. And, specifically, in these groups of yoga for beginners, experienced coach can show, and most importantly - to explain the important aspects of execution of various asanas.

A set of exercises of ha-tha yoga for beginners includes a number of asanas, which aimed to train the muscular corset of the whole body. This includes compulsory exercises: stretched backbends, which may return the health and flexibility to your spine; bending forward, which helps to work out the back surface of the body; special positions of your body that allow to open the shoulder and hip joints. Pranayamas (special breathing exercises) that do together with certain bandhas (locks), will help you to get rid of many diseases.

yogaAnd as known yoga - it's not just physical exercises, also this are some meditative and breathing techniques, and when you listen a course of yoga for beginners, you'll have all the necessary knowledge to know the long-standing philosophy of yoga, keep your mind clear and the body healthy.

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